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Aoiffe's Awakening: Anamaites Book Three (Amamaites 3)

by May Fuller on 2017-10-10

Having her father drag her across the galaxy since she was an infant, Aoiffe grew up very isolated from her people. Finding excitement in studying the different cultures they encountered while on diplomatic missions for her father's job, she finally found something to be passionate about.

Well on her way to becoming an anthropologist, Aoiffe thought herself happy and content until her father informed her of his new position which would return them to their home planet. There he expected her to find a mate and settle into aristoratic life, as was expected of a female of her station.

Seeing her furture laid out for her, Aoiffe was heartbroken. How could she find true happiness after being torn from everything she knew? A chance meeting while in the depths of her despair brings hope to her torn heart.

Can she finally find her place? Will she find the love and passion she always longed for?

High Prince D'Oran of the Imperial House of K'Alec was fast approaching his forty-first birthday and was under increasing pressure to find a mate and start producing heirs.

After growing up seeing his parents' love for each other he longed for the same, finding his true mate. Though an Anamaite had not been found in nearly ten years, he still prayed to find his One.

Stumbling upon the most alluring female he had ever seen, he was shocked to realize who she was, his Anamaite. All seemed like it would work out perfectly. They would mate and lives full of love and happiness.

Someone had other plans for them. Would they survive long enough to their happilyy ever after?

Warning- Explicit sexual content. Intended for mature readers only.