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Sarah's Salvation: Anamaites Book 1 (Anamaite Series)

by May Fuller on 2017-09-17

Sarah Drakeson seemed to have a good life. A satisfying job as a nurse, a best friend, a nice home, and her furry companion. All that was missing was someone to love. She tried to convince herself that she didn't need a man to live a fulfilling life but there was always something lacking.

Having a hot sexy alien shows up on her doorstep saying she was his soul mate was a bit hard to swallow. Should she follow her heart and potentially find her happy ending across the stars?

General R'And thought himself happy exploring the galaxy, training young warriors and spending time with his friends and family. He had no use for a clingy, needy mate. It seemed fate had other plans.

When R'And ship finds an ancient looking space probe, it leads him to one of the greatest discoveries of his life. Finding his true mate on a backwater planet in a system that had been deemed lifeless was a shock. Finding out someone wanted her dead was another.

Can R'And convince his mate that they belong together and keep her safe in the process?

Warning- Explicit sexual content with some mild BDSM themes, including spanking and anal play. Intended for mature readers only.