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Dark Gardens Series Boxed Set: Books 1 - 3

by Meara Platt on 2017-12-28

Enjoy USA Today Bestselling Author Meara Platt's spectacular Dark Gardens series, Books 1 - 3, in a limited edition boxed set or read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

Journey into the Dark Gardens where magical bluebell gardens serve as portals into the realm of the Fae, and the ominous red mountain known as Friar’s Crag in England’s quiet Lake District is the battleground for Fae, demonic Dragon Lords, and mortals. An ancient Fae prophecy is about to unfold, so it is written in the Stone of Draloch, and the search is on to find the mortal girl who holds the key to salvation of the Fae. Will the powerful Fae king find her in time? Or will the demonic Dragon Lord Brihann find her first and destroy the realm of mortals? While the Fae king fights to save his subjects, it is left to the sons of Draloch to save these vulnerable mortals. But the Draloch men are half demon and half mortal, and their damaged souls are drawn to the darkness. Which side will win?

(Note: Book Four, Garden of Destiny, is also available as a stand-alone!)