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Shifters Between Worlds: The Complete Series Collection (Dragons of Charok)

by Meg Ripley on 2019-07-30

The last of the royal dragon babies were brought to Earth before they could become casualties of the War of Storms. Now that they’ve come of age, their inner beasts’ desires are awakening. And they’re ready to claim their mates, even if they must cross into dangerous realms to find them.

My ex told me she was pregnant with my dragonling, and unless I took full custody, he’d be put up for adoption.
I never expected to be a single dad to adorable little Phoenix.
Nor did I think I’d ever find a mate willing to raise another woman’s baby.
Until I met Aurora.
And from the moment we locked eyes, my dragon knew she was mine.

I spend my days wandering the Earthen woods, hoping to repair the damaged veil protecting my fae realm from being seen.
When I ran into hunky, blue-eyed Finn one day, I couldn’t deny our explosive chemistry—or my intuition telling me he’s a dragon.
But wizards who’d promised to help me mend the barrier are suddenly enslaving my people, and my focus must return to my homeland, no matter what my heart wants.
When I learned the wizards had been on the hunt for dragons, I conjured up a desperate plan to turn their attention elsewhere—which involved baby Phoenix.
I’ve done something unspeakable to save my realm, and I don’t know if Finn will ever forgive me.
But now that our worlds have collided, there’s no turning back.

This anthology includes Royal Dragon Daddy and the other three sizzling stories of the Shifters Between Worlds series:

Dragon’s Royal Guard
Royal Dragon’s Protector
Royal Dragon Daddy
Royal Dragon’s Witch

WARNING! Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.

Royal Dragon's Protector (Shifters Between Worlds)

by Meg Ripley on 2019-04-17

I’ve been pulled from my home planet, forced to acclimate to this foreign world.
But now, I’m being pulled to Nora.

With every glimpse,
With every chance meeting,
My dragon rages with carnal need, driving me to the brink of madness.

She’s been able to hide her lineage from the humans here on Earth.
But I know the secret she holds close to her heart.
She’s a dragon princess from my homeland.
And keeping her safe is my utmost duty—whether she likes it or not.

When evil forces cross the boundaries of space and time to hunt down the last of Charok’s royal dragons, I’ll do everything it takes to protect her.

And claim her as mine.

Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.

Dragon's Royal Guard (Shifters Between Worlds)

by Meg Ripley on 2019-03-06

A portal ripped open, thrusting me into a strange new world.
And then I met her.

I must return to my guard post at once, but she ignites a fire in me strong enough to threaten the sacred vow I've made to protect the Crown.

Now I must choose between honoring my kingdom and my inner dragon’s fated destiny.

But my dragon always gets what he wants.

Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+ only. A heart-pounding new series of standalone dragon shifter romances, Shifters Between Worlds is set in the same universe as Daddy Dragon Guardians.

Mated To My Brother's Best Friend (Shifter Nation: Werebears Of Glacier Bay)

by Meg Ripley on 2018-10-18

After Kylie’s nearly fatal accident, her world is turned upside down. Forced R&R and desk duty isn’t easy for this feisty bear Ranger, but the one plus? Being doted on by her lifelong crush, Jace.

Jace wants to come clean, but how can he? He’s wanted his best friend Cooper’s sister for as long as he can remember—but with Cooper also being his Alpha, it’s far more than their friendship that’s on the line. One night, tensions rise to a fever pitch with Kylie, and his inner bear can’t hold out any longer. But after their heated night together, Jace realizes he’s made a terrible mistake and takes off, leaving Kylie crestfallen and Cooper furious.

Jace is devastated, but work must continue at Glacier Bay National Park. In the midst of the chaos, several women have gone missing, including Kylie’s best friend. A massive, multi-clan rescue effort is underway and Kylie makes a risky decision.

But when Jace tries to intervene, will Kylie listen to her broken heart over the needs of the clan? Or will she learn to forgive her lifelong friend?

Mated To My Brother’s Best Friend is a 30,000 word standalone novella with steamy shifter scenes intended for readers 18+.

Daddy Dragon Guardians: The Complete Series Collection Box Set

by Meg Ripley on 2018-09-27

When a devastating war threatens their planet's existence, four heroic dragon shifters flee Charok with their slain queen's eggs to ensure the survival of their race. But will they manage to find their mates in this strange new place called Earth?

Read Meg Ripley's Bestselling Daddy Dragon Guardians Series In One Fantastical Compilation, Brimming With Sizzling Passion, Suspense And Sassy Supernatural Mates!

This spellbinding anthology includes the following four 30,000+ word stories:

Holden's Mate
Xander's Mate
Beau's Mate
Julian's Mate

This paranormal romance collection features steamy shifter scenes and is intended for readers 18+.