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Daddy's Virgin: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance

by Megan Michaels on 2019-03-01

He bought her. Now he's going to breed her.

When Sierra Dawson ran away on her eighteenth birthday, she planned to start a new life in a place where technology has conquered age and disease. Instead she was caught, stripped bare, intimately examined, and then sold to Kaigen LeBlanc, a wealthy, powerful man who will both punish her every time she dares to disobey him and claim her virgin body in any way he pleases.

Though Sierra quickly discovers that her new owner plans to use her more thoroughly than she could have ever imagined, being made to call him daddy as she is spanked soundly and then put on humiliating display leaves her blushing with shame yet burning with helpless, desperate need. But Sierra was not purchased solely for Kaigen's enjoyment. She is also intended for breeding.

Sierra's desire for her master only grows stronger as she is taken over and over again until she bears a child for him, but when she is kidnapped by a rival of Kaigen's and she keeps the truth from her daddy in order to protect him, will it shatter the bond of trust they have built together?

Publisher's Note: Daddy's Virgin includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Christmas for the King (The Dragon Warlords Book 4)

by Megan Michaels on 2018-12-14

It's nearly Christmas, and Gossamer is beside herself at the thought her children may not stay at home for the holiday on the planet of Trexotera, which her husband rules.

But when the women all decide to take a day for shopping on the nearby male-dominated planet of Diviljak, a secret all three of her daughters-in-law are keeping from the family could end in tragedy for all.

Will the men be able to save their wives in time? And just what is the secret?

Publisher's Note: This steamy holiday addition to The Dragon Warlords series contains mature content including power exchange themes. It can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Their Treasured Girl (The Diviljak Book 1)

by Megan Michaels on 2018-09-24

When a woman escapes through the Common Swallow Woods and ends up in the Receiver Woods--what else will a princess have to swallow to survive?  

Living a lonely and unhappy life on the Planet Venem, Merilee Black, a slender beauty with long blonde hair, decided desperate times called for desperate measures. She needed a new life and the Common Swallow Woods would be her only answer. This leap of faith, however, would change her life dramatically - she hoped, for the best.

Imagine his surprise, while hunting in the Receiver Woods, when Steele Dread stumbled across a gorgeous woman. The tall, broad-shouldered clan leader hadn't expected the gods to answer his prayers for a woman so quickly. His clan of five would be very pleased with the prize he brought home this night.

Five men - each one tall, muscular, brutish and extremely stern - would claim the violet-eyed woman, teaching her their ways. TWO are DADDY DOMS! 

Would Merilee submit completely to the Diviljak men on this male-dominated planet? Would they survive a traumatic event that could change their love forever?

Publisher's Note: This dark, steamy, science-fiction reverse harem romance contains elements of power exchange.

Cloven's Only Wish (The Dragon Warlords Book 3)

by Megan Michaels on 2018-05-21

This is a standalone novel

The dragons made them warlords; the gods made them lovers.

Dragon Warlord Wish Thornheart had it all, but something was missing — the love of a good man. A man who would understand her need for boundaries, but not hold her back—she needed to remain the brave dragon soldier she had become.

Cloven Quinn was the youngest son of the King, a Warlord, and a Commander. Brash, harsh, and unyielding, there were many who feared Cloven— with good reason. But all of that changed when he fell in love with the blonde-haired beauty with the emerald green eyes. Nothing prepared him for Wish Thornheart.  She softened his hard edges and brought out the sensitive and protective side of him.

Though Wish was independent, fiery, and beautiful, she was also a sexually submissive woman. For Cloven, there was only one thing that mattered to him -- that he make her his, in every way. To the most powerful warlord, he would only ever be one thing to her -- Master.

This book can be read as a standalone. Enjoyment of the novel will be enhanced by reading the previous entries in the series, but it’s not necessary.

Publisher’s Warnings:  This book is only intended for those over the age of 18.

This is a steamy science fiction & fantasy romance with warlords who have features like an adult toy, unequal power dynamic, explicit spanking and sex, anal activities, humiliation, objectification, and public punishment. If any of these themes upset you, please do not purchase or read this novel.

Word count: 51,712 words; 207 pages

The Warlord's Priestess (The Dragon Warlords Book 2)

by Megan Michaels on 2018-03-14

Her magic spells may save Trexotera and the dragons, but can she conjure up a spell to save herself?

Thistle Tempest’s new life on Trexotera had begun with a spanking astride the hugest, black dragon she’d ever seen, and by a Warlord who not only left his mark on her backside but also upon her heart. Being a Babygirl to Daddy Artemis was a dream come true.  But, she wanted more.  Wanted the dragons to reveal her gifting, empowering her to change history during The Battle of the Bloodthirsty.

 Artemis Shade was a formidable man—not by just his large, muscled body, but by his domineering personality also. But the day he became Thistle’s Daddy was the day he softened toward her.  His need to protect her and keep her cocooned within his arms and the safety of the Castle became his goal, first and foremost.  However, he couldn’t anticipate that his timid and meek babygirl would have plans of her own--a plan that would also involve the other women in the Quinn Castle. 

These strong, independent, and brave women were ingenious and would be rewarded by their planet, but would it be worth the risk to save Trexotera? Would the Warlords be able to protect them?  What the women didn’t plan for, was the dire consequences from their masters.

Publisher’s Warnings:  This book is only intended for those over the age of 18.
This is a steamy science fiction & fantasy romance with warlords who have features like an adult toy, unequal power dynamic, explicit spanking and sex, anal activities, humiliation, objectification, and public punishment. If any of these themes upset you, please do not purchase or read this novel.

Note:  Artemis is a Daddy Dom--There are no sippy cups or coloring books, and no elements of age play, just a sweet woman who calls her lover Daddy.

Word count: 50,991
Pages: 168

The Dragon's Secret (The Dragon Warlords Book 1)

by Megan Michaels on 2017-11-25

He has a tail like a dragon, and the pleasure it gives is beyond her wildest fantasies.

For Satin Tempest, becoming a Dragon Warlord, and marrying the Prince of the dragon planet Trexotera was a lifelong dream. Stealing a spaceship from the planet Zelora probably wasn’t the best way to start a relationship with the Prince. But returning home wasn’t an option once she set eyes upon his muscled body with the scaly dragon skin on his shoulder, his long, black hair, and mesmerizing golden, eyes. She vowed she’d take her chances with the Dragon Prince, and learn to live amongst the dragons.

From the first moment he’d met Satin, Prince Drayce Quinn had fallen in love with the blonde-haired, svelte vixen with the cerulean blue eyes. But it was so much more than her looks, it was her intelligence and independent nature that attracted him to. She might have been strong-willed, even defiant, but that didn’t mean he had exactly what it took to bend that strong will to his. So, when she impulsively stole a spacecraft and traveled to his planet, he couldn’t wait to marry her…and punish her. Being married to the stern and unyielding Prince and Warlord wouldn’t be easy for his girl, but their nights of passion together would more than make up for it

It didn’t take long before their happy marriage was tested with an unexpected battle and a new, terrifying enemy. The outbreak of war threatened everything, and with it came the possibility of losing each other—forever. But commanding an army of dragons and warlords was what Drayce did best, and the fires of hell itself couldn’t stop he and the dragons from rescuing his bride from the enemy. But would she be safe in his arms? Would his sexual appetites and prowess be too much for her to handle?

He would save her from the enemy – but who would save her from him?

Publisher’s Warning: This book is only intended for those over the age of 18.

This is a steamy science fiction & fantasy romance with a warlord who has features like an adult toy, unequal power dynamic, explicit spanking, sex, and anal activities, humiliation, and objectification. If any of these themes upset you, please do not purchase or read this novel; but, if you do, please do not leave a bad review for these themes or activities.

A Baby for Pra'kir (Captives of Pra'kir Book 6)

by Megan Michaels on 2017-09-28

What happens when a Pra'kirean alien and an intelligent, stubborn human fall in love and produce the planet's first baby?

When Blythe and her friends' spaceship crashed into the shores of Endermere on planet Pra'kir, they found themselves placed into the planet's fostering system. When Blythe was placed with Dr. Xan Breckett, she thought her life was over. She hadn't anticipated that she'd be treated as a pet in his household, wearing a shock collar and a leash, eating and sleeping as a kitten. But she also hadn't thought she'd grow to love being a treasured pet who was coddled and protected, one who had fallen completely in love with the large alien.

With Dr. Xan Breckett's medical intervention, he makes a child from her cells and his sperm--a beautiful baby girl. As a new judge on the Council of Nine with a captive slave from Earth and a baby on the way, his life has finally come together. Now he spends his spare time caring for his cherished pet, exploring Masterful sexual activities, and preparing Blythe for motherhood. It is a duty that has ended up being more pleasurable than even he had anticipated.

But Xan and the other Masters have no idea that the women from Earth are orchestrating a meeting. Will it change all of their lives? What will be the end result of their devious plans? Will the careers of Rowth and Xan, both high-level government officials, be endangered? Most importantly, will it affect the surprisingly loving--and deeply sexual--relationships that have blossomed between captors and captives?

Word Count:  47,408