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Atlantean Saga Begins: Teen Edition

by Melissa Allen on 2019-03-16

Groom, Bride, and Leviathan Julius and Adwena were majestic creatures—each person complimenting the other in physical beauty, attraction, and strength. Julius, with long blond flowing hair and piercing green jasper eyes, stood at a full twelve feet and wore the chain mail of a sea serpent, each scale burned into place and he held a key laser. Key lasers were comprised of different strengths and magnetisms which caused the length of the beam to fluctuate. Julius, fit for battle with a chiseled chest and calves, protected Adwena and their children. Adwena, also tall in stature but even grander in personality, radiated wit and taught the children the art of logic and reasoning games, along with promoting mathematical genius. The family built great walls, roads, and an immense city of the most grandeur proportion. Julius taught the children the history of their people and brought them along to venture into the depths of the ocean for exploration and discovery. They sailed and fought great sea serpents. As the children grew, they learned and absorbed more and could easily categorize the months and years with the constellations. On most days, the family met in the crystal theater for dinner. The structure was framed in a circular formation with facets rising up to a point. Julius had arranged these prisms in such a way to let the most light into the room. Spectrums of light danced inside the structure and when they were little, the children watched the light reflections and lay mesmerized by the effect. Sonographic instruments played mood music in rhythmic tones and each conversation followed the new tonalities of each song. The young adults held the gaze of their parents as they savored the last details of a recent exploration, or the new mechanism of the day and how it could be used for future exploits. Conversation usually also included battles with sea serpents, people beyond their borders, and animals of enormous size. Julius loved devoting time to his family, the hunt, and all the sciences—mind, body, earth, sea, chemical—but he could feel something looming. The constellations told of an impending danger, a serpent. His heart longed for this; there was something deep, brooding in his chest: self-discovery, invention, technology, adventure? Sounds of the present interrupted these fantasies; the guys chanted and shouted the song they wrote of the many exploits of their father, while Vanessa, the little one, flitted around Adwena in merriment, desiring her full attention. Still nothing could fully dissolve the questions that plagued his thoughts, nagging under the mirth of the occasion. Adwena planted the girl in his lap, listened to the squeals of joy that ensued, and waited for Julius to speak. She was enraptured by this majestic man with the ability to courageously explore unknown territories, invent high functioning tools and weapons, and teach their children to problem solve and construct beautiful, ornate dwellings. She knew no weakness in him. She saw his pensive mood as the result of an original conundrum and grew even more in admiration. She loved how Vanessa held his gaze and giggled as her Daddy tickled her underarms and played with her curls. All the family donned long blond hair with jasper eyes and tan bodies. This Atlantean family personified the regal distinction of a majestic dynasty and era. * * * * *