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Wrath and Magic (Spells and Sins Book 5)

by Melody Raven on 2019-03-03

Samantha Harris has spent her entire life hiding. Hiding from her family. Hiding from her gifts. But now everything has changed and it's about time she takes control of her life once and for all.

Detective Derek Pierce upholds the law. Right, wrong. It's always been simple. But death has a way of changing a person. As he learns what his resurrection truly means, the only thing keeping him sane is the constant presence of Sam in his life.

Except all that is complicated when an old enemy comes back in the picture. And the price of peace might be more than either Sam or Derek are willing to pay...

Greed and Magic (Spells and Sins Book 4)

by Melody Raven on 2019-03-02

They thought the evil was gone, but the true danger is closer than they ever knew...

Now that Sam and Derek's relationship is in the open, everything should go smoothly. But New York City hasn't gotten that message.

As the families arrive, they leave a trail of bodies behind them, leaving Detective Derek Pierce and his unofficial witch partner (but official girlfriend), Samantha Harris, to deal with by hiding the bodies and finding the killer. Except seeing Derek compromise all of his morals to protect her family makes Sam see that no matter how happy he says he is, she might be the worst thing that ever happened to him.

If she wanted to do the right thing, she'd let Derek go. But after everything that's happened to them, doesn't Sam deserve the chance to be a little wicked?

The Vampire Villain (Evil Rising Book 2)

by Melody Raven on 2019-01-05

Marcus might look like an angel, but he's always been a villain. So when he's tasked with infiltrating the Vampire rebellion he doesn't expect it to be complicated. But his plans might take on a new path as he grows closer to a mortal, who can't--or won't--die.

After Gena is brutally murdered and mysteriously resurrected, she sets out to discover the truth about her supernatural background. But when she crosses paths with the sexy and vengeful Marcus, she realizes that there is more to her past than she ever realized.

With time running out, Gena and Marcus search for answers to her past, while going head-to-head with their enemies. Will it end the same way it began--with Gena's death?

Her Very Own Demon (Evil Rising Book 3)

by Melody Raven on 2019-01-05

Kier has been haunting Muriel's nightmares. He's handsome, sure. Every demon is. But he's more devious than the others. More ruthless than the rest. More deserving of revenge.

Ever since he ripped off her wings and reduced her to a mere mortal, Muriel has been planning the perfect revenge. It might not be fun and it might not be pleasant, but she's not going to just kill him. She wants to give him what he took from her. A soul.

And once she has him bound to her with magical handcuffs, there will be nothing he can do to prevent whatever angelic energy she has left over from corrupting him. And spending that much time with a demon won't be pleasant, but it will be worth it.

At least it shouldn't be pleasant. It shouldn't be hot. It shouldn't be tempting. But "shouldn't" is what her demon specializes in...

The Lost Vampire Prince (Evil Rising Book 1)

by Melody Raven on 2019-01-04

Nicolas is the embodiment of royalty. Strong. Powerful. Deadly. The only thing he's missing is his throne.

Decades ago a vampire mutiny murdered his father and forced him into hiding, but all that is about to change. A mortal woman smart enough to learn the truth about him and naive enough to trust him is the perfect pawn to sneak him back into the monarchy.

Nothing is going to stop Nicolas from getting what is rightfully his. Not lust. Not love. And not Anna. At least that's what he thinks.