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Bound By Chaos: An Epic Reverse Harem Sci-Fantasy Romance (Breath of Chaos Book 2)

by Merry Ravenell on 2019-06-27

Helena didn't want a consort—now she has three.

It's anything but a good time. Her bond to Auryn is painfully diseased, Keon wants a divorce, and Akoni is well... Akoni. And he might have tried to murder her. Maybe. Just saying. His father definitely tried to set her on fire.

The magnetar's traversal is about to complete, and time is running out to find a lost ship. Helena's father has flagged her passport, her consorts won't stop fighting, there's a murder investigation, a lack of coffee, and enough stress and heartbreak she's coming apart at the seams.

The Queen of Kludges will need all the duct tape and paperclips at her disposal to salvage this, except it's not her imagination the strain is tearing her apart.

She's a geode, and the hammer has fallen.

Bound By Chaos is the second installment of the slow-burn epic sci-fantasy reverse harem romance for fans of brilliant heroines, space dragons, weird news headlines, and Schrödinger's cat. Contains some naughty language & sexy times.