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Arriving Soon


The Witness

by Messina Wingard on 2018-09-10

“Only through a change of heart will they come to understand. Only by a change of course will a light find its way into their hands.”

Hannah Walker has a nose for trouble, a trait that has always served her well in her journalism career. Except this time, her natural curiosity has gotten her more than she bargained for. Unwillingly recruited by the Federation Special Operations Forces, Hannah finds herself thrust into the midst of an intergalactic war against an entity known as the Legion. While her initial goal is to return home to the safe and familiar, she quickly realizes that the problem of the Legion is not isolated to the inner star systems. The Legion found her, and it found her planet.
Joined by an ill-tempered lieutenant that both intrigues and frustrates her, Hannah must put all of her reporter’s instincts to the test. The Federation seems to think she holds the key to the Legion’s defeat; Hannah isn’t so sure. However, the more she learns about the Legion, the clearer it becomes that this is no common enemy… and the battle is not only for their lives; it is for their very souls.