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Crucify My Heart (Sons of Sivadia Book 2)

by Mia McKimmy on 2018-06-25

Just one touch, and passionate enemies must fight an all-consuming desire to join their souls.

To overcome her fear of Vampires, Elle Nichols has spent the last six months training to become a Protector, an elite group of Sivadian warriors who keep the innocent safe. But to graduate, she had to fight Kam, the most arrogant, womanizing Protector she’s ever met. So why has she been having erotic dreams about him since their fight, when he’s the last person on Earth she’d ever want. After Elle’s twin goes missing, Kam arrives with a group of Protectors to help search. Maybe he has a few redeeming qualities, or maybe he wants to make her his latest conquest. And she has no intention of letting that happen.

Bad boy Kam Copeland enjoys two things in life, making love and killing Vampires. But when he is forced to fight Elle Nichols, aka, the most irritating female on Earth, the unthinkable happened. Elle’s touch cursed him into a life of celibacy, and he intends to discover why and get his life back to normal. But there’s a serial killer on the loose in Atlanta, and Kam’s need to protect Elle is becoming stronger by the minute. Can he stop the killer before Elle becomes the next victim? Or will Kam lose the only woman who has ever touched his soul?