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Silver: Alien Mail Order Mistress Series (Alien Mail Order Bride Book 2)

by Mia Alacris on 2018-04-27

Sophie Eclair has grown up her whole life looking for that special someone when her all hope seemed lost she heard of the earth off planet matchmaking agency. She quickly volunteered for the program and was wishing with all her might to be matched to the love of her life right away. But unfortunately for her after her first match failed in the most unfortunate way. She hopes that Silver is her final match after she started to believe that she was somehow cursed to being alone.

Silver could not believe his good fortune when he is notified that he has been matched to a Human Mistress. Crush Mistress was more than happy to hear new about another human soon to arrive on planet Adamuse. But danger lurked within the Estate that would threaten to destroy all.

Will Silver be able to save his new Mistress or will the Councilwoman finally get her vengeance?

Will his love be able to break the spell of unfortunate lovers that seem to follow loving mate?

Or will they both lose each other before truly finding the love they both so desperately desire?

Crush: Alien Mail Order Mistress Series (Alien Male Ordered Mistress Book 1)

by Mia Alacris on 2018-01-20

Anna Smith was just your normal everyday girl till her best friend in the whole world Signed them both up for the earth off planet matchmaking agency. Her world was flipped upside down when she got matched with a huge Alien man with pitch black eyes and was scared. In fact, almost all males were scared of her.

Crush long for a mistress to love him and he thought Anna was just the female for him, till a misunderstanding at the worst of time. An attack from males under order from a sick and twisted planet official that wanted nothing more than to kill him and the female that was now to be the love of his life.

Will Crush be able to protect his new Mistress from the dangers of his world? read to learn more.

Anna always dreamed of getting off planet after the earth has been opened up to space travel and trading with aliens from space. But having no money to travel trapped her in her small town in the middle of nowhere. So when the Matchmaking agencies put out ads for volunteered brides for aliens, Anna jumped on the opportunity. Hoping to travel the stars before meeting her alien husband, she is immediately matched the biggest and most attractive male she has ever laid eyes on.

Crush can’t help but feel something for his ”Bride” when he does everything he can to survive, But is he willing to sacrifice her after getting to know her?

Rook Claimed Matte: Aducting his mate

by Mia Alacris on 2017-12-29

My name is Rook Barron, General to Emperors Vox Calcord imperial Armada. The strongest and the most trusted of the emperor allies. He has entrusted me with finding of compatible females for the people of Clawterian. Since the great infection, that killed off most of our females and leaving any female that survived the infection infertile. Our fierce and strong, noble people are dying out, desperate to survive. But we have hope.

Join Rook as his world is turned upside down after he meets his Mate that is nothing what he hoed for.

Rooks Claimed Mate: Alien Abuduction (Clawterian Mates Book 1)

by Mia Alacris on 2017-12-17

Rook Barron, General to Emperors Vox Calcord imperial Armada. The strongest and the most trusted of the Emperor allies. Most leathel and the biggest warroir on his planet. He has been entrusted with finding of compatible females for the people of Clawterian on the new planet C-5615 to save his dieing race. But little did he know that he wa to discover that his world was going to be turned upside down.

Belle is a typical human girl that just experience the betrayle of her closes firends, eager to get on with her life when she is suddenly abducted by Rook. As they get to know one another, can Belle fight her growing attraction to Rook and will Rook be able to keep his stubborn mate out of trouble?

You'll just have to read to find out.