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Arriving Soon


Things Being Various

by Michael Gouda on 2018-10-15

A mutated gene has both benign and unfortunate results for three friends when a villain proves to be as powerful as they are.

Three of the main characters, Michael Harrison, Gavin Williams and Nick Warren are discovered by Dr Samuels to have a mutant gene which gives them super athleticism. It does not though necessarily turn them into particularly good or bad people, gay or straight. Nick in fact turns out to be a double (and triple attempted) murderer as he mercilessly pursues Michael, Gavin and Alan Peters, Michael's partner. The police are baffled - Nick is a very clever, devious character. The conflict is between the good and evil characters and leads to a terrifying climax and the catching of the murderer. Running through the whole story is the Romance element between Michael and Alan, which both aids and hampers the resolution.