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The Savior: A Scientific, Theological and Sexual Fantasy, Book 7 – The Queen

by Michael Mussachia on 2018-06-28

We now have two main characters in our story, Sienna and Mikhail. The young girl is clearly of supernatural origin and nature, but will she be more than just a mate for Mikhail? As the title of this, the seventh book in the Savior series, suggests, the answer is “Yes.” Indeed, the world is going to be led by females, with a young queen at the top and EBs managing the planet’s daily affairs. Mikhail, being the adventurous young man that he is, wants to focus now on space technology and exploration. Whatever he finds in this endeavor, the planet is, for the first time in history, under the control of females, something I have long believed would work to the betterment of human affairs. But how will a girl of just 13 years of age, a girl that has been raised in social isolation and that by nature is sweet and innocent, manage to oversee a planet that is still troubled in many ways? How will she handle Mikhail, a young man-god that can be terrifying at times and that also is the most sexually desired male on the planet? How will Sienna and the EBs get along? How will the people of the world respond to her? These and other questions are answered here in Book 7 – The Queen.