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Fated To A Vampire: (Vampire Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance Action Adventure) (Finding The Real Allies Book 3)

by Michael Reyes on 2018-01-15

My name is Dalia, and I am one of the few females on the black wolf clan’s patrol team. I was briefly introduced into Sabrina’s story and then brought up in more detail in Seth’s story, when I was ordered by my leader, Caleb, to go with Seth to check out a couple of vampires that had wandered close to our territory.
But while I’m bringing that up, I feel that I should explain why I froze up that one day at the cliff. You see, I haven’t found “the one” – as we call it - among our own kind yet. I know all of the male wolves in both clans, and none of them interest me, romantically. So when I saw this one handsome male vampire, his attractiveness hit me like a bolt of lightning.
But, I can’t have these feelings for vampires, because they were our enemies. Still, I find myself unable to stop thinking about that vampire ever since I saw him that one day, looking quite harmless. And he was so handsome I went into a dreamlike state. It took a shout from Seth to wake me out of it.
Thankfully, they eventually ran in the other direction, because I would’ve hated to have to kill this man, this very handsome, brown-eyed…but there I go again.
I didn’t fight in the last battle with those vampires when they attacked during Sabrina’s story. I was ordered to help guard the hidden village, in case the vampires were to attack our people there.
This time, however, we didn’t have enough of a warning to prepare for the attack. While we did once again take precautions to have some of the patrol members at the border, the vampires must have somehow slipped by them, because now, they are once again attacking us, this time in the white wolf village and on the worst day ever – Sabrina and Elijah’s wedding day.
And from here I will begin my story…