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Arriving Soon


The Hell-Kites

by Michael Sichok on 2018-11-14

Flesh and bone, or polished stone, life is but a dream; with the rising sun, sleepers awaken, leaving their dreams behind, as it always has been. However, what if those dreams were unable to end? What if something interrupted the wake-up call, or for that matter, who is to even say that when we fall asleep, we awaken as the same person, in the same time and place from which we left the night before?

Twentieth-century Harley and fourteenth-century Anna have a problem; caught amongst their fantasies, they are unable to return, as their worlds have collapsed. Far from being in "limbo," these two find new lives in each other, within the broken context of time. However, and as they'll soon learn, neither time, nor space and distance exist in these new lives. After all, sometimes what we know fails us, due to our romanticizing the past, or for that matter, the future. Memories then create splintering realities, far removed from daily life, and as we find ourselves unable (or unwilling) to wake up, our fantasies run wild, revealing our true nature.

In this sexy, entirely 80s, genre-bending romantic adventure, passion, imagination and mystery abound, ensuring that this will be a dream that you'll never want to wake from, well, if you can manage to keep the big, black birds away, that is.