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Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea

by Michaela Francis on 2018-04-26

In the year of 1972, Delilah, young hippy girl from Iowa, wanders over to tour Europe. Traversing the Aegean Sea on a rusty old ferry, Delilah falls overboard unseen and vanishes without trace amidst the archipelago of Greek islands.

Although she is feared lost, Delilah is, in fact, rescued although by somebody quite outside her experience. The creature who saves her from the sea is an enigmatic aquatic and hermaphrodite human who takes Delilah to her own, otherwise uninhabited, island. There she and her companion must survive for the summer on the fruits of the sea around them and their reliance upon each other; a relationship which crosses the boundaries of sexuality, gender, race and even species.

This entrancing and haunting fantasy, set amidst the alluring waters of the Aegean, is a tale of mystery, passion and desert island survival deeply interwoven with ancient mythology and folklore which challenges not only pre-conceptions of sexuality and gender but of the very meaning of humanity itself.