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Frost Moons and Green Apples: Book Two

by Michelle Chambers on 2018-02-12

When Alex returns to the Land of the Living, to Nikolai, having broken the Seidr curse keeping them apart, she doesn’t return alone. Queen Hel has planned, plotted, and waited three thousand years to get her hands on the ancient power coursing through Alex’s veins. This is the very power that seals her in the deep, dark depths of Helheim, and it is also the only power that can free her. Queen Hel wants revenge on the Aesir-gods and Alex is the one to help her raise the dark forces whose dark powers will break the eternal chains binding her to Helheim.

With Nikolai missing, Alex is tested as she battles Queen Hel for control of her subconscious and conscious mind.

“I see dead, mutilated bodies,” she said, closing her eyes. “Wolf, human and shifter alike, their carcasses littering vast fields of snow; their blood seeping into the ground and turning rivers red while serpents and creatures from the netherworld suck on their bones. I see Kirill standing among them, his lips smeared red with their blood.”

“Is this why you are so afraid of starting a war?”

Alex shook her head, then opened her tear-filled eyes onto the crisp, bright, blue-white landscape. “No. I’m afraid because I don’t know which side I’m on.”

It wasn’t a lie. The thought of her wolf’s willing betrayal of her in Kirill’s arms on the night of the Frost Moon Festival still shook her.

She lifted a hand and lightly skimmed the tips of her fingers across the bite mark still visible on the left side of her neck. Since she’d come back to life, her mind felt like the colorful, shifting sand in a kaleidoscope, continuously changing and revealing nothing save glimpses of a life, of memories, that were not her own, and yet, she had no doubt, were completely hers.

Suddenly, she was in Nikolai’s arms, her face buried in his chest, her tears falling even faster when his mouth pressed into her hair. “You are not alone. Not anymore,” he said. “You have me. You will always have me.”