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The Artifact: Natasha Burrows Series Book One

by Michelle Phillips on 2017-10-02


‘She watched as the light of a thousand stars enveloped him, galaxies seeming to swirl and whirl around him in elliptical orbits, stars and planets all glowing and circling his body on angles juxtaposed to each other and then…….’

Natasha Burrows has it all, stunning beauty and a fierce intellect. A world-renowned Professor of Archaeology and Demotist, she is highly sought after for her understanding of ancient languages. She has studied the ancient world, the civilization of the Mesopotamians and the Pre-Dynastic Egyptian cultures and believes she understands the foundations of civilisation as we have come to understand them, a malaise of ancient gods and earthly sacrifice.
None of this has prepared her for the truth, the brutal reality regarding the rise of mankind’s first civilizations, or the discovery of an orb which despite claims of its incredible powers of creation, seems capable of the most incomprehensible destruction. These revelations send her on a path in direct opposition to a Secret Society, operating since the dawning of the ages. One with a hidden agenda, the sole purpose of guiding mankind and it's huddled masses away from the ugly truth.

Equally as exciting as it is sexy, The Artifact contains graphic sex and some violence, so please read at your own risk. 18+ recommended.