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Come Find Me: A Sequel to H. G. Wells' The Time Machine: An Invention

by Mike Arsuaga on 2019-01-12

Nearing the end of her life and in fragile health, Ally Corrigan, the world's richest woman, summons young journalist Kris Parsons for a tell-all interview. He expects to learn the secrets behind the unparalleled financial success of her and deceased husband, Joe, which began more than sixty years earlier when they stepped from the Maine backwoods to claim a multi-million-dollar lottery prize.Instead, Ally Corrigan spins an incredible tale covering eight hundred thousand years. H. G. Wells' novel was a true account. The Time Traveler existed. Most important, Weena lived to tell her story.At the end of an incredible narrative about love found, lost, and rediscovered; a people's redemption; and Weena's adaptation to twenty-first-century life, Kris doubts his host's sanity, but she has a final proof to offer.