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A Most Laudable Society

by Mike DeNatale on 2017-08-22

A Most Laudable Society is a tale of life and love under totalitarian rule. It stands alone as a study in human nature placed at the dawn of the twenty second century within the confines of a disparate United States.

Todd Carol and Danielle Lopez are business partners of a sort. Friends since childhood, they do not live in a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Despite the ravages of a once massive war in the Middle East, Armageddon has been avoided—at least for the time being. Moreover, there are places in the world where mankind has continued to advance, but not in the United States. Life there is far from a utopian dream. Once the land of opportunity—now a stagnant second world debtor nation—the American social order is one of emotional subjugation through brain altering microelectronics and propaganda. The utopian goal of every “proper thinking” U.S. citizen exists solely in the realm of the Laudables—the unseen elite—whose progressive edicts are disseminated to the public through local bureaucrats.

Todd and Danielle are rare among the Common Collective. They, unlike the majority of their peers, are able to circumvent the system and still maintain the appearance of being “proper thinkers.” They are third generation underground entrepreneurs—the offspring of two dissident families who possess the means of negating the ill effects of the regime’s electronically induced self-reproach. As such, for a modest fee, they provide frequent temporary relief to select individuals. Their end game is to accumulate funds sufficient enough to buy their way out of the country and start a new life—a life of freedom and self-determination. This is the unfulfilled dream of their grandparents, a dream that became the aspiration of their parents, and now an imminent reality for Todd and Danielle. As the time draws near, they must confront the evolution of their relationship. And with the aid of a longtime friend, supplier, and mentor—a Chinese foreign national named Li Po—their means of escape is waiting to be set in motion. Will they succeed? Life does not always unfold as planned.