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Arriving Soon


The Seventh Kevin

by Mike Dukk on 2018-03-24

Ever had Déjà vu, that feeling of thinking you've already experienced something? Now imagine it's happening to you in real time. One moment you're free, the next you're imprisoned. You're with one beautiful woman, and suddenly you're with another. Then you find yourself living a dream life on an exotic beach. Moments later, it's all taken away, like none of it ever happened.
Welcome to the world of Kevin Schmidt. As the story begins, he's a thirty-year-old guy sitting at a bar, moping over his ex-girlfriend that had recently dumped him. And then it starts: he's pulled from his bar stool into another Kevin Schmidt, who is living an entirely different life. As the story progresses, he is continuously pulled into another Kevin Schmidt, and another, and another…
What's happening to him? How many different Kevin are there? And why has one been convicted of murder?