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Alpha Hunger: Aliens Rule Earth Mf Omegaverse Romance (Alpha Hordesmen Book 1)

by Milana Jacks on 2019-06-29

They came. They didn’t do much sightseeing before they conquered and marked the human Omegas. They call themselves the Regha Horde. We call them the Hordesmen.

And Hunger is my new boss.

Alpha Collects (Alpha Horde Book 4)

by Milana Jacks on 2019-05-06

It takes a special kind of Omega to bring an Alpha to his knees.
Beautiful. With legs that go on forever, colored eyes, perky protruding nose, funny ears, and… Were was I? Ah yes, I collected one such Omega, and I’m bringing her before my king.

I am Tayseer, the Collector, the Legend.

And I will deliver my people the queen.

Ice Age Dragon Brotherhood Complete Boxed Set: Dystopian Romance

by Milana Jacks on 2019-04-07

Limited time, 72 hour boxed set.

Get the complete Dragon Brotherhood series with one click. Value $13, yours for $6.95. That's 45% off the entire series. 

Years into the future, volcano eruptions have destroyed most of Earth's population and caused a drop in temperatures. To save humanity from extinction during the new Ice Age, four elemental dragons are tasked to find spirits and return Earth to its natural state.

1. Rise for Her I should send this human female home. But her innocent touch arouses my dragon beast, and he’s not letting her go.

2. Burn for Her I need a woman who lights my fire. Specifically, the spirit who’ll ignite my dragon’s fire element. The problem? Amy couldn’t be any less interested in me. But I'm gonna make her mine. Or die trying.

3. Storm for Her I know Arthur’s end game, but he’s hiding something. Maybe afraid I’ll steal his spirit. He’s right. If I find her first, she’s mine.

4. Fight for Her He risks everything to save her life with a Cyborg implant. Now she is the most dangerous Cyborg in existence. And she is his enemy.

PLUS Eddy, story #2.5 is included. 

***Kindle Unlimited readers! You're welcome to read individual books with your subscription. 

Alpha Knots (Alpha Horde Book 3)

by Milana Jacks on 2019-02-22

If I keep her, there’s no going back.

In the blink of an eye, I’m head-first in a snowdrift, rescued by the biggest, greenest—man?—I’ve ever seen. Whatever he is, he turns my take-no-crap attitude into need. I should escape, but I’ve got a hunch that I’m close to solving a cold case involving several women who disappeared into thin air.

My plan is foolproof. Fetch the Omega and hand her over to Montar, thus sealing Loven’s alliance between Guardians and Horde. Thanks to a glitchy space gate, I’m stuck in a freezing cave with something that’s turned the simple delivery into a suicide mission. An Omega I must not want and can never have.

Unfortunately, she’s going into heat. And Serpent help me, I will betray the Horde and starve on a pole if only to keep her.

Alpha Bonds (Alpha Horde Book 2)

by Milana Jacks on 2019-01-07

He should nip this desire in the bud, but it's grown beyond control.

One second, I'm battling an overgrown hedge with a pair of clippers. The next, I'm running for my life, positive I've stumbled onto a prank reality show set, complete with a towering, red-haired guy in costume who throws me over his shoulder like I weigh nothing--I'm a big girl, never been thin. 

Half of me is horrified to find out I've somehow been transported to an alien planet. The other half would sure like to explore the masterpiece of muscle under that armor.

Horde life is simple. Hunt the enemy, kill the enemy. But after Loven broke the law by bonding an Omega meant for the king, life got real complicated. Instead of exterminating Telean rebels, I'm playing nice to recruit them for Loven's stupid rebellion. 

Then I make a big mistake. Huge. I rescue a helpless human, only to discover this curvy, tempting morsel is an Omega about to send me into a rut. Fleeing the Telean ship and returning her to the Horde stronghold means abandoning the Telean alliance--and destroying everything we've risked our lives for. 

I should nip this desire in the bud, but it's grown beyond my control.

Alpha Breeds: Dystopian Mf Omegaverse Sci fi romance (Alpha Horde Book 1)

by Milana Jacks on 2018-10-26

Omegas belong to the king. But this one belongs to me.

At the frat party, someone must have spiked my beer, because I see a bright light and find myself sitting on a bed with a huge, green monster looming over me. I screech and throw every sharp object within reach. But you know what’s really weird? I’m terrified and, at the same time, there’s something about those black eyes, that scent, that purrrr that makes my body come alive.

I fight for the honor of someday owning an Omega—a rare breeding female reserved for Alphas hand-selected by the king. For years, fighting alone has been enough. Until I scent this alien female, and my body emits a mating call.

Omegas are the king’s property. If I don’t deliver her to the Omega Compound, I’ll lose my life, the lives of my Horde Alphas, and risk starting a full-scale rebellion. And yet, I can’t part from her. This one belongs to me.

***Science fiction alien captive romance with Mf Omegaverse flavor.
Inside the pages: No cliffhanger. No cheating. Barbaric unapologetic alpha male who loves HARD. Dystopian (dark totalitarian) world. Let me entertain you inside the pages. Click it!

Fight for Her (Ice Age Dragon Brotherhood Book 4)

by Milana Jacks on 2018-09-09

When Rose asked me to marry her, I didn’t pay much attention. After all, she was ten. Even though she’s all grown up, and I seethe with desire for her, claiming Knight’s baby sister will earn me a punch in the face. Or worse.

When her heart fails, I do what I must to keep it beating—risk my own life to take her to the habitat for a cyborg implant. Now the woman who should have been my spirit is the most dangerous cyborg in existence. My enemy.

Once upon a time, I had girlish dreams of marrying Arthur. Now, with a highly advanced cyborg implant that makes me the darling of my military trainers, those dreams are a distant, fading memory. My future lies with the Elites, the units that defend the habitat from dragons.

To secure wealth, fame, and rank all I have to do is give my handlers the name of the dragon man suspected of hiding in plain sight somewhere in the habitat. Should be a no-brainer, right? If only my human flesh will stop aching for what can never be…

***Final book in the Ice Age Dragon Brotherhood series. I'll see you inside the pages!

Beast Mates Series Complete Boxed Set

by Milana Jacks on 2018-07-13

Limited time boxed set. Available 48 hours only. July 16 - 17.

Get the complete Beast Mates Series with one click. Value $18, yours for $9.95. That's 45% off the entire series. 

Years after the Great Nuclear War, the Beasts from planet Tineya landed and occupied Earth. Now, they search the human Communities for their one true mate. 

1. Blind Beast Mate: Rey has been sold to one of the alien Beasts that now rule the Earth. If the towering, leather-clad Alpha discovers his prize is blind, he could kill her with a flick of his claw. Or worse, send her home.

2. Wild Beast Mate: After Dewlyn's, third, heart-stopping attempt to escape their mating bed, Vice is more determined than ever to plant babies in his little daredevil's luscious body. Even if it means feeding the heat between them until she hungers for him alone--and her resistance is starved into submission. But she's hiding something. He can only hope she hasn't joined the human rebellion.

3. Sent Beast Mate: Mayhem orders pair auctions, confident that Men of Earth will jump at the chance to slip a spy in among the throngs of women at his court's doors. When he spots a supple, grey-eyed woman, every hunting instinct in his body goes on alert.

4. Caught Beast Mate: A young woman remembers the beast who stole her. A beast who hungers for the woman he shouldn't want. A love that breaks all the rules.

5. Free Beast Mate: My mate is the unseen woman who cleans my quarters and serves the man who enslaved me. I can't claim her. I don't know what they want from the pair of us. If I mate her, they win. If I don't, I lose my mind.

PLUS all the in-between stories Virgin #0, Goddess #2.5, Their #3.5, and His Beast Mate #4.5 are included! 

***Kindle Unlimited readers! You're welcome to read individual books with your subscription.

His Beast Mate: #4.5 (Beast Mates)

by Milana Jacks on 2017-12-29

I sit in a house in Highborn Hills ready to play a poker game I ain’t never played before, in a suit so preppy, it makes my skin itch. My target crawls around my feet. Felicia, who they call Kitten. When her big green eyes lock with mine, and when she smells her Alpha on my clothes, her eyes light up, and I know I have her attention. When I win her in a hand of poker, I promise her we’re gonna stroll right on out of the house.
But her owner has other plans for me.
We’re stuck in a secured house.
We are unarmed.
No backup is coming.
And I gotta get us out of here.

***In His we transition from book 4 to book 5. Book 5 will make more sense if you read His. Not a standalone story.***

Caught Beast Mate (Beast Mates Book 4)

by Milana Jacks on 2017-10-07

Her protector, her nemesis. His once-in-a-lifetime second chance.

Kidnapped and taken from her home, Sienna is stuck in a beast community without the resources to find her way back. But she’s a survivor. Just like the wounded, bone-thin beast she finds in the desert.

Torrent was warned never to steal a human woman—especially if she’s his pair. He didn’t listen. Captured, beaten, starved by Men of Earth, he’s as near death as he can get without tipping into the void.

When her familiar scent brings him back to consciousness, recognition slams his gut. But there’s no answering light in her blue eyes. It’s just as well. If she remembered him, she’d know to run from the beast who once took her.

Although the spark of attraction burns bright between them, there’s danger in the heat. Because even if his crippled body had something to offer her, the forces arrayed against them are determined to snuff out their love before it catches flame.