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Arriving Soon


Havoc: After The Fever

by Miranda Bailey on 2019-01-25

Jess knows the world has ended, she’s had to endure unbearable losses that prove that, but she has one final wish, if this is the end for humanity. She just wants to see Savannah one more time, to smell the ocean, and to die in a place she used to dream of living in. She hadn’t counted on meeting a woman named Havoc, or the way the woman lives up to her name.
In the old world, Jess wasn’t supposed to find Havoc so interesting. She wasn’t supposed to want her either, but this is a new world, and the old rules don’t apply. Right?

Author's Note: This is the second edition of Havoc and was previously published under that name. It has been rewritten and includes new text. It is intended for those that are 18+.