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Dakstal: A SciFi Alien Warrior Romance (The Leviatho Book 1)

by Miranda Martin on 2019-04-12

Space. My home, my dream....

Well, it was, but not like this. My fantasies of daring space adventure on a cutting edge Explorer are reduced to the yawnfest of jockeying a mining cargo ship back and forth from the asteroids to Earth. It's not the life of excitement I dreamed of as a little girl. That is until I make first contact.

Me. First contact. With Dakstal, the Leviatho Commander.

He's jacked. Like really big and he has four arms, scales and fins. A real life merman! I'm going to be the most famous pilot in all of history for discovering these guys.

My delusions of grandeur meet a quick end because as it turns out the Leviatho are on the run. The last of their race come seeking sanctuary on Earth from the Kriall, the enemies that are trying to destroy them. When the xenocidal maniacs show up, every person on Earth is in danger and it's going to be up to us to save them, whether Earth wants us to or not.

Let Me Love You: A SciFi Alien Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss)

by Miranda Martin on 2019-01-23

There's nothing a dragon warrior won't do to bring Valentine's Day to their treasure.


I'm not a warrior. I'm not as fast or as strong as the other males. No matter how hard I've tried, that's just not me. However, it's my memory of my mother that will allow the others to create the cho-co-lat for their mates.

My dragon does long for one female. She's my chosen, but I'm not worthy of her. I've never proven myself, never been able to get past the barriers between us.


I'm broken, have been since we shipwrecked on Tajss. I can't let anyone close. There's too much pain, too much fear.

One of the alien-dragon Zmaj is different though. He's kind and sweet and gentle in ways that no other man is. Can I let him love me?

Dragon's Wish: A SciFi Alien Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 13)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-12-12

I am a Zmaj hunter and so have only one purpose in life. The feeding and protection of The Tribe is my duty and my honor. Except I have been spending more and more time in The City, entranced by the spirit of the human female Addison.

The primal dragon at the core of all Zmaj males fights for dominance over my iron will. It would claim the shy and intelligent beauty at any cost. But to her I am a friend. She would flee if I let the dragon win.

I will do anything to be more than her friend. To become her mate.

Bitter circumstances on Tajss threaten my Tribe and my way of life. Can a male choose between duty and his heart? Am I forsaking my people for her love?

Dragon's Gift: A SciFi Alien Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 12)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-11-24

Celebrate the holidays on Tajss

Maeve doesn't believe in fate and certainly not one that involves her and Padraig, the enormous and domineering alien dragon. His overly protective and possessive nature rubs her the wrong way.

Padraig is certain the fiercely independent human female is the only one for him. His inner dragon has decided and the burly smith knows fate's hand when he feels it. Maeve may not, but the harsh deserts of Tajss force the two together, giving the hot-head Zmaj an opportunity.

When the human females plan a new tradition of gift giving, Padraig realizes if he can find his treasure the perfect present, he'll win her heart. The only gift he wants.

Dragon's Flame: A SciFi Alien Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 11)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-11-08

Piercing hammers inside my skull remind me of last night's binge. I wish someone would just knock me out and put me out of my misery.

Opening my eyes, I frown, looking around the unfamiliar cave.

If this isn't my cave...

Swallowing thickly, I slowly turn to look down at the bed. Oh. Shit.

Arawn is fast asleep, his tanned, well-muscled form taking up more than half of the pallet.

OMG Fallon, what have you done? Exactly how much did I have to drink that this sounded like a good idea?

I try to slip away, leaving behind the gorgeous alien-dragon, but I'm not kidding anyone, including myself. I make my time-honored and traditional Walk of Shame.

Too bad the fiercely possessive and cocky Arawn isn't going to let me go that easy.

The Beast, The Wolf, & The Prince: A Sci-Fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance Box Set

by Miranda Martin on 2018-10-24

The Beast, The Wolf, & The Prince contains three scifi alien romance fairy tale retellings plus a never before published bonus chapter epilogue!

The Beast: Prince Adir
In fairy tales, heroes don’t demand people’s homes to repay debts.
And happily ever after isn’t supposed to start with indentured servitude.
There’s a Beast in all of us.
Mine demands I claim this beauty or risk losing all control.

The Wolf: Prince Zane
What a big tongue you have!
The better to eat you with, my innocence.

The Prince: Prince Herne
Consider this—who exactly comes to a cotillion?
Young, innocent, virgin females. That's who.
Enough to satisfy even my desires.


"Loved this futuristic sci-fi retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I highly recommend this book. The characters are great and story phenomenal."

"Intriguing setting and a tough yet sweet heroine make this retelling a quick enjoyable guilty pleasure. Recommended for private reading only!"

"Great adult retelling of Beauty and the Beast!"

"This is my first book by this author and I would definitely read more books from her."

"I am a fan of beauty and the beast stories and I enjoyed this one. I have never been disappointed by anything that I have read from Miranda Martin."

"A twist on Beauty and the Beast. Enjoyed the insta-connection and love between Isa and Prince Adir. A very satisfying read."

"Let me just assure you that Martin's version, with its SF/dystopian futuristic twist, has all the drama and angst, all the steamy sexiness, and all the tender sweetness a reader could want."


Cyborg: A SciFi Alien Romance

by Miranda Martin on 2018-10-17

A past she can’t remember, one she chose to eliminate. A man, more machine than human, who chose to give away his humanity.

Cersei is on the run. She doesn't remember from who, or why. While working in a high-tech bar, someone or some thing tries to activate her. The mind-wipe she paid top credits for starts to break down and her past bleeds through. The images are enough to convince her she was right. She doesn't want to face who she used to be.

Now she has to run before she falls into their hands. Who is they? Well, there's a shitty side to not remembering. Everyone is an enemy or a potential one.

Holden left the Galactic Service more machine than man. Passing his days designing security tech for those with the credits to pay, his Code is all he has left. When one of his clients misuses his tech, he sets out to put things right and collides into his only failed case. The hauntingly beautiful and seductive psi-op agent is on the run and isn’t acting anything like the woman he tracked for years, never managing to capture.

Thrown together against impossible odds, his greatest enemy is his only ally. How many lives will be lost if the two can't learn to work as one? As dangerous as she is, it quickly becomes apparent she’s even more dangerous to his heart, the one he thought he left behind with the rest of his body parts in the Galactic Service.

Under His Wing: A SciFi Alien Romance (Celestial Mates)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-10-02

How far will Nina run to escape her mother's manipulation? Straight into the arms of an alien with the body and wings of an angel.

Nina hatches a plan to fend off her mother’s interminable matchmaking and responds to an ad she sees for Celestial Mates. She has no intention of settling down or finding true love, she only wants to buy herself time and freedom. There's no way she's going to end up like her sister, married to a corporate asshole. After a simple VR scan, she's off to meet her tall, ripped, handsome as sin alien match.

Adonael—warrior and Commander of the Caelaran—knows his people are losing the fight against the Vorkess. His race is on the verge of extinction, the female population dwindling, and many more dying in their sacred duty of battle. A joined-mate was never a possibility until the small, enticing human female with ink-black hair is thrust into his life.

For the promise of a future with a mate as alluring as Nina, Adonael will fight any enemy, face any threat to see her safe.

Dragon's Heart: A SciFi Alien Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 10)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-09-13

Kate has had enough. Her research pod went down after the Generation ship crashed and now she's stuck on the steaming hot hell that is Tajss. The handful of people that survived initial contact with the planet's monstrous creatures have been forced underground into darkness. Worse is Annabel, self-appointed tyrannical leader of their small group. After a blow up that's the final straw, Kate and several others leave in search of other survivors and a better life.

Errol is hiding from a half-remembered past he doesn't want to face. The other Zmaj males of the Tribe are finding their mates among the human females but none spark a fire in his heart. None are his treasure. His past is too painful and with no mate, the seven foot winged and scaled craftsman has no future.

Trying to outrun his memories starts a crash course trajectory right into Kate, where the past will collide with the present and forever change the future.

The Cyborg Bounty Hunter: In the Stars Romance

by Miranda Martin on 2018-08-28

What starts out as an enemy of my enemy comes dangerously close to so much more.

Lily needs to earn enough credits to get to the one station where her past won't look for her. But the first gig she lands is funded by the same monster she's on the run from.

Once, before the enhancements, Cole was human. Now he's more machine than man—intense, demanding, and concerned only with facts. No matter what it takes, the bounty is all that counts.

Lily is the only lead the cyborg bounty hunter has to his target. She'll work with him because he's not going to give her a choice. But neither of them were prepared for their connection or the way fate moves.

Dragon's Claim: A SciFi Alien Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 9)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-08-15

Among the Zmaj, the alien dragon-like race of men who survived the devastation of Tajss, Bashir is different. He's connected to the spiritual nature of the planet itself. However, the scaled and powerful hunter craves a different connection.

One with Penelope.

He desires the tall, lithe human female who's shown herself to be intelligent and strong-willed, fierce with fire clear behind her clever eyes. Bashir knows that water wears down the hardest rock over time and is willing to patiently pursue his treasure.

But on the Red Planet, time is no friend to either Zmaj or Human. A threat comes from the skies and Bashir must get Penelope to understand their bond before it's too late.

Dragon's Desire: A SciFi Alien Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 8)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-03-19

I'm a warrior with the soul of a dragon.
To protect my female, I’ll kidnap her…

The devastation killed most of our population. Since then, Zmaj men have lived isolated and without females. That changed when a ship with human passengers crashed on our planet. For the first time in many years, we have females in our midst.

But some of the new humans fear our species. One of them, a quiet, dark-haired beauty with a fierce spirit, awakens my dragon. When I catch her scent, lust heats my blood.

Tajss is fraught with danger, not only from the scorching desert and blood-thirsty animals, but the battles among its peoples. Sarah doesn’t see the threats that lurk in the shadows, but I do. As second in command of the Tajss tribe, I face the choice of fulfilling my duty, or protecting Sarah. She’s become my world. My mate. I’ll keep her safe.

Even if it means kidnapping her...

Night of the Dragons: A Reverse Harem Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-02-17

Broken pod, wrecked ship, no water in sight. But Piper Sage is a survivor.

Diagnosed with an aggressive terminal cancer, the doctors on board her generational spaceship had no choice but to put her in stasis, hoping to keep her alive until a cure could be found. When she wakes, it's not to a miracle but a nightmare. Two blazing suns, nothing but sand and more sand.

There's no way she's going to just give up and die. Not a chance.

But long unused muscles and pale skin are making it impossible on this treacherous red planet.

Salvation comes in the form of four powerful dragon-men. Enormous, seven-foot walls of muscle with wings and tails and scales, these four have decided to be Piper's protectors.

The only trouble is they don't want to share.

Kaidan, Ejder, Anguis and Mikhos are all possessively alpha and will do anything to be the one who gets to claim Piper as his treasure. She's got other ideas.

After all, why choose one when you can have them all?

Dragon's Taming

by Miranda Martin on 2017-11-26

They see me as broken, but it's up to me to save them all.

They keep me locked away, too dangerous to be free, because they don't see what I do. They don't know the truth like I do.

I was stopped from accomplishing my mission before but I can't fail. The fate of our entire planet, of every human and Zmaj both, rests in my hands.

It was easier before she came. Kind words, soft touch, she's awakened my dragon. Temptation rises every time she's near. Do I give in to desire or hold true to my path?

I'll find a way to make her mine and save us all. I have to, it's all on me.

Dragon's Capture (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 6)

by Miranda Martin on 2017-11-14

A Commander never compromises.

The beautiful, headstrong human female contests me at every turn. She is the leader of her people and they love and respect her, I simply want to claim her as my treasure.

My people revere the Edicts above all else. Together we are stronger. I must make her see that in order for my people and hers to be one, for she and I to be one, she must eliminate the threat that could drive our entire world apart.

Gershom. He has finally gone too far and I cannot tolerate his continued presence.

The humans who mate with the Zmaj have been exiled and the confrontation has come to a head. This female who tempts my Dragon will find out how possessive and dominant a Commander can be.

Wolf: A Filthy Sweet Fairy Tale Romance

by Miranda Martin on 2017-09-01

What a big tongue you have!
The better to eat you with, my innocence.

Prince Zane

The idea of me as a hero of any kind is laughable. I'm the one that draws the unsuspecting into the world of sin. Not the one that rescues them from it.

That doesn't stop me from lying through my wolf-ish teeth, pretending to save luscious, sweet little Red when she finds herself alone in the dark up against my loup-garou.

But there's no hero worship in her sharp eyes. Smart girl. I'm nobody's hero.

But I need to play it right to get closer to her.

Ruby Devaux

All I wanted was to be free to choose my own life. Free from my over-protective, smothering family. Free from all their expectations.

Instead I ran headlong into the arms of trouble. Smoking hot, devilishly handsome trouble that won't take no for an answer.

The kind of trouble that wants to eat me up. Literally.

*** Wolf is an over-the-top, spun sugar sweet and filthy STANDALONE modern fairy tale romance novella with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. ***

Rescued by the Alien Prince: Celestial Mates (The Alva)

by Miranda Martin on 2017-07-15

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Senator Ling Richards is passionate about saving the Earth. So when she refuses to allow a mega-corporation the right to destroy one of the last nature reserves, it puts her very life in danger. To get their way, they'll kill Ling and all her allies. The only safe place to turn is off-world and the Celestial Mates dating agency offers the perfect opportunity. Ling can't say no when she sees the holographic picture of the seven foot tall, blue alien with stunning gold eyes.

Prince Naefaren Viir has been making powerful enemies with his desire to change the status quo and offer a better future for both Major and Minor houses. His foes see the perfect opportunity to force him to step down as head of House Viir by capturing and holding hostage his vulnerable human female. Even before meeting Ling, he knows he'll do anything, even give up his title, to rescue her.

Naefaren desires to mark Ling as his own with his mating bite for all to see, to make her his Pari, but sometimes the overprotective alien has to shield her from all dangers, including himself. Losing her would shred his heart to pieces and when his enemies use that against him, it threatens everything.

Rescued by the Alien Prince is a Celestial Mates full-length novel. It is a completely standalone part of the Alva series with a happily-ever-after ending. If you enjoy hot, sexy, alpha aliens desiring strong, independent Earth women and steamy romance of the cold shower kind, then this is for you!