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LYRA: The Celestion Chronicles 3

by Miranda Masey on 2019-05-15

She’s a fugitive from one of the most powerful families on New Earth.

He doesn’t know if she’s danger to everyone else, or only herself.

Rylia Vaillancourt fled from her privileged life when she discovered that her psionic ability, the shimmer, was meant to be molded into a weapon. Assuming the alias Raelle Vokova, she’s spent months fleeing her controlling father and a tyrannical fiancé, only steps ahead of their grasping fingers. With her psionic shimmer raw and untrained, she’s a danger to everyone she comes across, including the handsome alien warrior who intervenes on her behalf.

Celestion Davon only meant to stop a mercenary raid. Instead, he finds himself mate bonded to a mysterious woman with devastating powers, hunted relentlessly by mercenaries from New Earth. He can’t let Raelle fall into enemy hands or risk her being forged into a cataclysmic weapon- and he wants to break past the iron walls she’s built around herself.

Stranded together on a dangerous oceanic planet, Davon will need to train her to control her disastrous abilities, and she will need to accept that beneath her human mask she’s something else entirely… and that the New Earth families will move galaxies to get their weapon back.

LYRA is a steamy, 55K-word fated mate romance in the Celestion Chronicles universe, with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA!

LUNA: The Celestion Chronicles 2

by Miranda Masey on 2019-02-16

She’s been handed the discovery of a lifetime and no man will come between her and her research.

In six days he’s leaving and taking her with him- whether she likes it or not.

After an ancient pyramid is discovered on the distant planet Osara, Dr. Lux Tiefer joins her colleague and nemesis, Alon Takalis, on an expedition to catalogue the remains of an extinct alien race. When a powerful alien warrior demands that she leave the blacklisted planet immediately, Lux digs in her heels. She doesn’t know who this seven-foot-tall musclebound Celestion thinks he is, but there is one thing she knows for certain: she’s not going anywhere before she unravels the ancient mystery, even if the surly warrior does claim to be destined for her. It shouldn’t be that difficult to resist him… but Ven has a way of breaking down her resolve.

Celestion Ven has intercepted a broadcast from Osara, and it falls on him to roust a team of Sovereign University scientists from the restricted quadrant. Unfortunately the stubborn lead archaeologist not only rejects the mate bond between them, but refuses to leave her discovery behind. He agrees to protect her for six days, determined to win Lux over, but she’s ready to resist the power of the bond with every fiber of her being.

The secrets contained in the ancient pyramid only grow more sinister as the team digs into the past, and a deadly secret hidden for millennia threatens to come to light and devour them all.

LUNA is a steamy, 63K-word fated mate romance in the Celestion Chronicles universe, with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA!

NOVA: The Celestion Chronicles

by Miranda Masey on 2019-01-05

She was meant to be the Emperor’s Bride, but this alien warrior is determined to keep her for himself, no matter who he has to defy.

Life on the mining planet Ionope has never been easy for Melora, but it’s about to get a whole lot worse. She’s the next of a cruel racketeer’s girls to be auctioned off to one of the filthy miners, and each passing day tightens the noose she feels closing in around her. Desperate for escape and losing hope, the universe seems to answer her prayers with the arrival of a savior in the form of a seven-foot-tall blue alien warrior who decides to abduct her from Ionope for his own reasons. Now she has to resist the blaze that ignites every time he touches her, especially since she’s now meant to become his Emperor’s Bride.

Find a Bride for the Emperor or face permanent exile from his home. The choice is clear for the Celestion warrior Aldris, and as luck would have it, he’s found the perfect woman- until the mating bond locks into place and he realizes he’s found his fated mate. Now he must make a terrible choice: defy the laws of his beloved home planet Vassa IX and lose everything that makes him a Celestion, or ignore the bond entwining him with the one woman destined for him.

Either one could spell his end.

NOVA is a steamy fated mate sci-fi alien romance standalone in the Celestion Chronicles universe, with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA!