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Amazonian's Love

by Misty Vixen on 2018-08-14

A Sci-Fi Erotic Romance between a seven foot killer and a young hacker.

Paige is an Amazonian, a genetically engineered warrior woman. She works for herself, by herself, breaking into corporate buildings and stealing data to sell off to her clients. But she's running into more and more trouble lately and is slowly realizing that she needs to take on a partner...

Ethan is a young hacker who infiltrates digital archives to steal and sell off information. He's good at his job, but when someone screws him over, he finds himself deep in debt and desperate for money. So when a seven foot tall brunette shows up, looking to hire him for his tech skills, he signs on...

Both of them begin to develop feelings for the other, but both are convinced that the other will have no interest in them. Can they overcome their fears and doubts?

AMAZONIAN'S LOVE contains several hot and heavy, and detailed, sex scenes. You have been warned.