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Arriving Soon


No Expectations: Part 5

by Miya Kressin on 2017-07-19

The final installment of the sizzling series of the same name!

Reed and Jules set out five rules for a brief tryst. Their fifth was perhaps their most vague, but maybe it was also the one they manage to adhere to. There are a lot of things their relationship can't defy -- their love and their lust, their playful banter and their sincere whispers, their best intentions and their most intense feelings -- but the one thing it can defy is their every expectation.

No Falling in Love: No Expectations

by Miya Kressin on 2017-07-11

"No falling in love."

It's the fourth of five rules they agreed to -- and of all the rules Reed broke, it's the one he breaks hardest and most sincerely.

And Julie ---

Everyone saw the kiss. Reed made sure of that. And as the song goes, if she wanted to know if he loved her so, it was in his kiss.

And later, Julie will tell him,

"Later, when my body is sated, we can do that talking thing you want where you try to convince me this isn’t all a horrible idea."

Rule four:

No falling in love.

(Rules are made to be broken.)

No Tears When We Leave (No Expectations Book 3)

by Miya Kressin on 2017-07-04

From the acclaimed author of the Asylum saga continues summer 2017's hottest read!

"It was one before they fell back asleep from making all his arrangements, and it was all of two-thirty when Reed woke again. He couldn’t even claim it was worry over his son’s upcoming surgery that kept him awake. As much as he needed to be home with his son—and wanted to be—he also needed to be with Jewel. Their time together just wasn’t enough. Since he couldn’t sleep, he watched her as she dreamt. Her hair was spread across her pillow as well as his, and her arms were wrapped around the one he had draped over her. Her eyelids fluttered often, sometimes accompanied by subtle smiles or pouted lips. The nightshirt she’d slipped on while packing his bags didn’t hide a thing, including the hard nipples that poked at the fabric as if to taunt him."

It's the last day of the convention and they're going their separate ways. They knew this day would come. They knew the time they could spend together would be incredible, sexy -- and brief.

That's why they set the rules. That's why they agreed to a particular arrangement.

They couldn't help breaking them.

Reed can't bear to say goodbye, not face to face. All he can do is leave a note and anticipate seeing her again. All he can tell her is that he broke rule four, because it's the only way he can hope to keep rule number three:

No tears when we leave.

No Expectations: The Complete Novel

by Miya Kressin on 2017-07-03

From the acclaimed author of the Asylum Saga comes a scorching new read perfect for the beach -- or the bedroom!

Keep it secret.
Fantasy author Jewel Winters thought keeping her private life and public persona separate would be a breeze—until she meets charismatic Reed Kristensen, the dashing star of a popular science fiction series, at a convention.

No pictures.
Jewel was there to promote her new book and engage with fans, not fall in love. Reed only wants to get through the con without drama and fly home to his son. Neither is looking for love between interviews and signing sessions, but the camera doesn't lie--even if they try to deny it.

No tears when we leave.
Jewel thinks her crush on the famous actor will remain a one-sided day-dream; after all, he can have any woman he wants. But Jewel is nothing like Reed’s ex-girlfriends or fans, and just being near her makes his world brighter.

No falling in love.
One divorce is enough for Jewel without falling for a TV star and his cross-country schedule. But can Reed convince her that a passionate tryst at the convention is exactly what she needs?

No Expectations.
With five rules to protect their hearts, how many will they break?