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Arriving Soon


Another Tiger Bites the Dust

by ML Guida on 2018-11-16

Lara Black is up for partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in Denver. All she has to do is turn the other way and let an innocent man rot in jail. A man that makes her want to take her panties off and spread her legs.
But she made a promise to a friend. She can’t turn a blind eye.

Griff Reese went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Revenge is all he cares about. He’s up for parole. When he discovers his new attorney is his mate, all hell breaks out. She gets him out, but someone wants them both dead.

To stay alive, they must trust each other and discover the truth. Can an attorney risk her career and her life to save an ex-convict? Or will she forget everything for the tiger of her dreams?

Eye of the Tiger: Paranormal Dating Agency

by ML Guida on 2018-09-25

Cora Amici left high school disgraced. Her sister ran off with the love of her life at the prom. Now ten years later, she’s faces the reunion again, but this time, she wants to arrive with a shifter that will knock everyone’s socks off.

Seth Reese lost his mate, Cora Amici, to his rival. His life has been miserable without her. All he has his motorcycle shop. Their high school reunion is coming up. Can he win her back? At a last resort, Seth calls Gerri Wilder for help.

Gerri invites them for dinner. Fireworks explode when Cora and Seth meet and he thinks he has a chance.

His rival threatens to destroy their happiness. He gives Seth an ultimatum–his shop or Cora. Seth’s not the same tiger and rises up to meet the challenge. Will he sacrifice his shop for his mate?