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The Magical Potion: The search ends here

by Mohamed Azharudeen on 2018-12-03

"THE MAGICAL POTION," is a fast-paced romance short story.
Also, a time-traveling fiction.

An American girl Angela has immigrated to Changzhou, China because of her parents decided to.

But from there, her destiny starts to act like an awesome cupid.

A Korean faced teenager Jian met her while the rain was pouring heavily. Both of them under a shelter which is protecting them but also very small. Jian attracted to her at the very moment when he saw her.

Jian never saw her before. Even in the dark night, she looks so gorgeous. Blonde hair with sweet curls on it. She's facing the road and Jian looking at her from her right side and there he got a clear view of her eyelash. It's not fake, totally original. Her eyelashes are so long that it made a curve way path to the sky. And her nose is a sharp slope. When her eyelash made a way path to the sky, her nose made a way to the ground. Jian's things playing between those areas. Then he slipped on the slope and now, he landed on two cherry cushions, it's her lips. There he was so comfortable. He even took a little nap there for a while.

Unfortunately, the lonely road and the chill climate tempted the demon inside Jian. And suddenly Angela's two planets like eyes pointed him while he passing away on the view of those lips. Yeah! She saw him for the first time. But Jian awkwardly looking at her lips like he's going to eat it. After two seconds, he realizes that she is looking at him, then suddenly he shook his head and said, “Uh-uh-uh, I'm sorry!” She smiled very small with the right end of her lips and turned her head away. This is where Jian went mad. He started thinking as she likes him and he got very deep about her. Now, he again taking an eye ride on her. She's wearing a white T-shirt on the top and black Jean on the bottom. Her T-shirt is already transparent because of the wet caused by the rain. He can literally see through it. She's ultra hot in the middle of the cold night. He's so scared to even look at her but the smile drove him to the spot where he now taking off his court. He put his court on his shoulder and looking at her still. While watching her biceps, which is very less covered, he feels like he wanna lick it and suck the moist on it. She's so seductive at that moment that Jian can't control himself from getting close to her. He then took one step closer to her and now, their bodies are rubbing together. Jian is behind her back so he can't able to see her emotions happening on her face. So, he continuously standing very close to her and at once he got a bulge. STOP IT! sweetheart. Buy the book and read the rest with love. I can't show you the romantic part in sample sorry for that. The first chapter is essential.