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Arriving Soon


Bride of the Merman

by Moira del Mar on 2018-05-29

Lina has always had a secret—during her aristocratic family’s annual trip to their seaside villa, she spends time with a gorgeous merman, an outlaw of the seas. Until now she hasn’t given a second thought to spending so much time with a half-naked man and his miles of muscles, but this summer is different. She can’t get his abs out of her brain, and with her parents pushing her toward marriage and social invitations she doesn’t want, Lina’s emotions are threatening to explode.

Lucky for her that her merman isn’t afraid of a little danger.

This is a sweet and filthy story with an HEA!

Captive to the Merman

by Moira del Mar on 2018-04-06

When the lustful king of the merfolk needs to save his people from exctinction, the perfect solution drops right into his waters: a human. With a few body modifications, she's ready to become his very own warm and eager breeding vessel—and the start of human civilization's downfall.