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The Innocent Child of War: Those Who Came before Us - Book 1

by Mojo Saunders on 2018-05-01

An innocent girl is orphaned and enslaved by the barracks in Australia. The barracks are a military faction determined to start a war that no one on earth can win. The military wants her to be a perfect soldier, they engineer her DNA to eliminate the humanity in her....but she escapes.

Lexi is saved by the night guard that cares for her and she begins a new life with her adopted family in Canada, far away from the barracks. The young woman lives her life in a world that she cannot understand, a world that, in turn, does not understand her training or her genetic superiority. She finds life to be futile and only finds meaning in violence...that is...until she meets Eli. Together they build a family and for the first time in Lexi's young life, she is whole....

But the barracks are still searching, the barracks are hunting Lexi to return her to the war and they will stop at nothing to have their perfect genetic soldier back in their ranks.

Lexi is ready, she is ready to fight for her family to fight for her freedom...but she could have never imagined that the hunters would be the people closest to her. Will she have the determination and resolve to do what she needs to save herself and her family?

This is a story of finding family, finding love and a story of painful betrayal that will leave you questioning what you would do for your family, what you are willing to sacrifice for what is right.

The Innocent Child of War: Those who came before us is the first book in a series of science fiction fantasy focused on genetic engineering and romance for a young adult audience. The book transports the readers backwards and forwards in time to unravel the mysterious past and future of Lexi Cartright, the perfect soldier.

The Innocent Child of War tells the story from the perspective of not only Lexi but also gives you an insight into her family, her hunters and the barracks. Meticulously researched and fabulously original, the story will satisfy those with a special interest in technology and fantasy but also those who love a story that warms the heart and a story of love triumphing over evil and hate.

Buy it now and get ready for the next installment which will be hitting Kindle shelves soon...