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Ivar (Claimed by the Alien Viking): A Space Viking Novel (Space Viking Series Book 3)

by Molly Rowland on 2019-03-18

Annie is running out of options.

Since the water on Earth became contaminated, life has become a struggle for survival. Annie will do anything to earn credits for clean water. Now that an alien planet has been discovered and another option is available, she is desperate enough to give it a try.

She meets Ivar, one of the alien Viking warriors, and is immediately drawn to him. He’s massive and intimidating, his muscles carved from stone. Her body is telling her one thing while her mind is consumed with the choices she made back home.

She knows he has the ability to give her a good life. He protects her and keeps her safe. But eventually, things start to unravel and even he is helpless to fix it.

Ivar is the third book in the Space Viking Series. It is a standalone sci-fi alien romance with aspects of the previous books. It is full of steamy action, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending!