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Arriving Soon


Ragnar (Claimed by the Alien Viking): A Space Vikings Novel

by Molly Rowland on 2019-02-16

I have my reasons for coming to this Viking planet. They can do what they want with me. This is my duty, I’m not in this for love.

As a member of a prestigious security team on Earth, joining a warrior Viking clan isn’t as scary for me as it is for some. I have a solid set of skills and I can handle myself. But ultimately, I can’t afford to turn this opportunity down.

I meet Ragnar by chance, thrown together by fate and chaos. From the moment his eyes lock onto mine, an inevitable connection is formed. He doesn’t follow the rules and I know I should stay far away from him…but he has other ideas.

We find ourselves setting sail across the sea with orders to put an end to the conflict that follows Ragnar and his crew and threatens the peace of the Isle. In the end, we get more than we bargained for.

Even if we make it out alive, our future together is uncertain. Are the lies and deceit too much to over come? Is a life together possible or are our demons too strong?

Ragnar is the second novel in the Space Vikings Series. There are elements from the first novel but the romance is a stand a lone. There is no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after!

Einar (Claimed by the Alien Viking): A Space Viking Novel

by Molly Rowland on 2018-12-08

The barbarian wanted me as his woman, and my crew handed me over.

I knew there would be sacrifices when I volunteered for the intergalactic mission. I just never imagined my crew mates would trade me to a fierce Viking warrior on a distant planet to save themselves.

Now I’m stuck on a frozen rock, light years from Earth, with a barbarian who’s convinced I’m his fated mate. And he wants to claim me. To take me to his fur-lined bed. The worst part? I’m tempted to let him.

Sure, he’s strong and sexy and I haven’t felt warm in days, but it’s more than that. For the first time, I’m insecure and struggling to fit in. I don’t really belong here. I’m used to reading books by the fire, not carrying a sword I can barely lift while foraging for food. The other villagers stare at me, their eyes overflowing with suspicion. And my new man, Einar? His fierceness intimidates me.

If I let him into my bed, maybe I can thaw his cold heart.

Einar is a standalone sci-fi alien romance, full of lots of steamy action. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending!