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The Fifth Moon's Legacy (The Fifth Moon's Tales Book 6)

by Monica La Porta on 2018-05-08

After pursuing Jade across the universe, Dragon has found her, but even though they are finally on the same planet, they have never been more distant. Jade must fight her demons before she can accept Dragon’s love, and he must learn to be patient.
Both have too much to lose now that the impossible has happened and they are about to become a family.
As they embark in their final journey toward salvation, Dragon and Jade must escape their enemies and find a way to remain together despite all odds.

The Fifth Moon's Assassin (The Fifth Moon's Tales Book 5)

by Monica La Porta on 2018-04-01

Hunted down by ruthless enemies, Dragon has committed the ultimate sacrifice letting his soulmate leave Solaria. He hopes to hide Jade from the mercenaries sent to kill her after she spared his life.
It was the only choice available, but he has condemned both of them to a hopeless hell.
Dragon can’t live without Jade, and Jade must forget about him if she wants to survive the heartbreak consuming her soul.
Will they ever find each other again before their enemies find them first?

The Fifth Moon's Dragon (The Fifth Moon's Tales Book 4)

by Monica La Porta on 2018-02-22

Dragon Sol has recently returned to his planet to marry his two promised brides, but instead of celebrating his wedding night, he finds himself fighting an enigmatic assassin sent to kill him.
Jade is a Master Assassin, the most lethal of mercenaries in all the Fifth Moon System. Dragon Sol is her target, nothing more than a number on her ledger. Only, plans don’t always go accordingly, and the enigmatic shifter becomes so much more to Jade than a simple job.
All is fair in love and war… but what happens when the prey becomes the hunter, and hearts, not lives, are at stake?