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Captive of the Alien Prince: Mf Omegaverse Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Outer Worlds, Book 1)

by Morgan Trinity on 2019-03-21

He owns me, every inch of my flesh belonged to him to do as he pleased, as a warrior prince he was used to claiming what he wanted and he wanted to breed.

It’s the year 2105, mankind had discovered FTL space travel less than a decade ago and the company Outer Worlds, in their desire to be the first to colonize a distant planet outside of our solar system, elected the best and brightest to found a new colony called Eden’s Prime on the newly discovered habitable planet Scion 37y.

Nineteen-year-old Willow Storm is not one of the many chosen, in her desire to make something of her crumbling life she had to lie, manipulate, and commit forgery to get onboard the colony ship, the SS Ignis. One year in the journey the ship is attacked by an alien warrior species hell-bent on the total domination of all other life in the galaxy.

She wakes up naked and cold in a white cell with fire in her heart and the courage to escape!

But her plan didn’t last long when it was thwarted by the handsome Elderalan warrior Killian, a prince of a dying race eager to prove his worth to his father and King. After capturing Willow, he must prove this female can save their dying race by breeding her himself, doing so would spark the Elderalans into waging an all-out war to conquer mankind.

Willow must use her cunning to save herself and humanity from enslavement but nothing prepared her for the raw power of an Alpha ready to mate.

Author's Note: This is book one of a series, it is not a standalone novel.