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Arriving Soon


Be My Shadow

by Mya Lairis on 2018-07-24

As an elite mech jockey in the United Galactic Alliance, Commander Herra Daskana was a savior to many. Sent on perilous mission across galaxies, there was never any time to wonder if she herself was in need of saving. From the moment, she laid eyes on the lithe, blue-haired, Arune, thoughts of have someone special, of her own emerged, even if only for one very expensive night.

Arune may have appeared to be a high-priced whore, but he was far from it. After experiencing a harrowing brush with death, the Elgeruan prince searched across primitive worlds for a fierce protector and Commander Daskana more than fulfilled that need. From the moment he laid eyes on the ferocious, dark-skinned soldier, he was willing to use every weapon at his disposal to possess her.

Through mistrust, conspiracy and certainly manipulation, theirs was a relationship doomed even as it blossomed…certainly before the threat of an all-out war!