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Restored By Gordin: Olodian Alien Warrior Romance

by Mychal Daniels on 2018-01-19

Book #5 in the Olodian Alien Warrior Romance Series

"Restored By Gordin is a REAL WINNER! It was everything I hoped for and more and I can't seem to get enough of these books! Mychal Daniels is such a wonderful author. I enjoy her storytelling and love how she creates her characters and her different worlds. You will devour this book FAST and still be craving MORE! I give this A OUT OF THIS WORLD FIVE SHOOTING STARS!"    ~M. Brown, Tempting Reads

Ellery Chambers is a relationship expert. She’s been able to help countless others find love and fix broken relationships. When she finds herself living in a land were everywhere she looks relationships are thriving and growing, what is she to do? No one needs her and she’s lost without anyone to help. 
For her, it had always been about helping others with their relationships. The running joke was, if you can’t do it for yourself, help others. Now the only relationship she has to work on is her own. Can she have a chance at the one thing she’s always longed for but never had?

Emperor Gordin, Emperor and Ruler of Olodia and the Olodian galaxy, has lived to see his children become adults and start to have children of their own. He has grown comfortable in his antics, enjoying his unorthodox ways and impetuous ideas. That is, until she arrives. When Dr. Ellery is sent to his home as his charge, he doesn’t know what to do—protect her from others or… himself. She reminds him his life isn’t over and he might not be too old for love.