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Dragon's Curvy Invader: A Women's Adventure, BWWM, Alien Warrior, Dragon Shifter Romance (Dragon's Curvy Romance Series Book 2)

by Mychal Daniels on 2018-01-17

Dragon’s Curvy Invader: A Women's Fiction, BWWM, Alien Warrior, Dragon Shifter Romance

From Mychal Daniels' Dragon's Curvy Romance Series 

Earth was supposed to be the best place to lay low. That is, until she discovered the Dragon’s Lair Sanctuary. 

"This story has Paranormal romance, adventure with the right amount of steamy romance to make for a happy ending in the best way."


Dr. Amber Chastain has a problem—her credibility is shot and she’s running out of time and money. Determined to find evidence of extraterrestrial life based on proprietary technology she’s developed; her findings land her smack dab in rural South Georgia. Without an assistant, money, or access to a local lab, Dr. Amber finds herself making it work in the field. 


Noran isn’t the leader of the clan, but he’s not about to let some human female discover the Alien Dragon’s Earth Sanctuary either. Determined to lead the pesky woman away from their lands, he launches nightly shows in flight in hopes of leading her away from their lands. 

He’s not prepared for how tenacious the woman is when he’s injured during a perfect storm of lightning and an unexpected and particularly large night drone. 

Too injured to protest, Noran is forced to reveal where he lives. Dr. Amber is hell-bent and set on making her findings of “real extraterrestrials” known, no matter what he says. 

Trying to speed up his healing time, keep her from finding the others of his clan, telling the world about him, and keeping his mating lust down for her is more than a Dragon should have to endure. 

Will Dr. Amber be able to stick to her plan to tell the world about Noran when each moment her heart falls deeper for the gorgeous Alien Dragon? 

For the first time in her life, she’s in control and it’s way harder than she could have ever imagined. Does she report her findings to get the recognition, reputation, fame, money and prestige that will come with such a finding? Or, does she give into her heart, remain silent, leave the one being alone that her heart’s drawn to and give him the peace she knows he deserves?

Find out in Dragon’s Curvy Invader by USA Today Bestselling Author, Mychal Daniels.

This is a standalone, women's adventure, Dragon-shifter, BWWM, Alien Warrior romance novel from Mychal Daniels Dragon's Curvy Romance Series with a HEA.

Dragon's Curvy Dilemma: A BWWM, Single Dad, Dragon Shifter Romance (Dragon's Curvy Romance Series Book 1)

by Mychal Daniels on 2017-10-15

Dragon’s Curvy Dilemma

Mychal Daniels

Dragons need privacy.

Billionaire dragon, Asher Princeton is a single dad and secret dragon-shifter. He just wants to get away from it all to spend time with his young son over the summer. Its time he showed the boy how to deal with being a dragonling.

Daryl Livingston is squatting in his guest house. The young woman makes his dragon come alive. The last thing he expected was to find his true mate living in his guest house. Only problem… it’s going to take everything in Asher’s power to convince her of that.

Will a new love teach an old dragon exciting tricks?

Asher Princeton…

• She’s a brilliant, know-it-all, trespasser squatting in my summer Lair’s guest house

• I’m supposed to turn her into the police but this dragon’s got secrets, dark ones

• Normally I’d toss out an intruder without a backward glance or question, but she’s different

• The dragon in me and my five-year-old son have other plans

• Funny thing…She thinks I’m letting her off scot-free

• Her arrogant innocence challenges me in the best way

• I might be a single dad focused on raising my son, but she’s ignited a fire long doused

• It’s in her eyes and those curves that bewitch, seduce, and tempt my resolve like no other

• Instead of releasing her, I’m going to make her moan with pleasure

• That’s it—she’s mine

• Only problem—her name. She’s the one woman I need to stay far away from

• Our relationship is damned from the beginning

• She can never find out what happened to her father

• Daryl is off limits

Daryl Livingston…

• He’s gorgeous and infuriating

• But his kid… makes my heart melt

• It was stupid getting caught living in his guest house like this, but I’ll appeal to his sense of duty

• I’m willing to do a lot of things to be able to stay—I have no place to go

• But, if he thinks I’m going to be his maid or nanny, he’s got another thing coming. I’ll take jail over that

• Weird thing… he makes me feel things I’ve never felt before

• It’s in those eyes of his, like pools from the depth of his soul they enchant and entice me to want to touch him

• That’s it—I can’t stay

• Instead of behaving like a grateful house guest, all I want is to offer up my virginity to him like some damned lovesick school girl

• Only problem—I’m on a mission to regain the respect my father deserved and find out what happened to him

• I can’t get sidetracked. Not when I’m so close, no matter how much Asher makes me pant

This is a HOT Curvy Virgin BWWM Shifter Romance full of adventure and sass with an HEA.