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Arriving Soon



by Nadia Aidan on 2017-07-28

The Hunter
Born of the light and forged in darkness, courtesan Dominique LeCourt is known by many names—atrum angelus, the crusnik, a dark angel sent to protect humanity. An ancient immortal of unrivaled power, vampyres and lycans tremble with fear in Dominique’s presence and yet she does not know the immense power she wields, just as she has no memory of who she once was, who she once loved, and the destiny she was created to fulfill…

The Guardian
Born of the darkness and forged in light, Julien Besson remembers every single detail of Dominique’s life, every memory that she has forgotten. Cursed for loving her, Dominique was torn from him, her memories erased to torture him. But now he has finally found her, and he has no intention of letting her slip away. Now he just has to keep her alive long enough for her to remember the truth of her existence along with the words that will free him of this curse…

The Curse
But keeping Dominique alive is proving quite difficult with an ancient and powerful demon stalking them. As darkness settles over New Orleans, Dominique must listen to the stirrings of her heart and learn to trust in Julien, when she can no longer trust in anyone. Because the evil that hunts her wants her soul and if it succeeds in tearing Julien and Dominique apart again in this lifetime, neither she nor Julien will survive the night….