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L B T Legend: Origin (L B T Legend Book 1)

by Nannette Douglas on 2018-12-07

Lakota Wilson finds life difficult enough without searching for adventure. But, when a battered and abused alien is found on the side of the road, she cannot just leave him. And in return, when it’s time for him to save her life, he does not hesitate.

With the differences between human and Gaachounn, perhaps it should not come as a surprise to Lakota that there is so much of their culture that she does not understand until it is forced on her, but life on Gaachou, with walking trees and a persistent mate to be, is not one that she would easily give up, if she was given a choice.

Through kidnappings and daring rescues, Lakota discovers that her life will never be the same with Braxton and Taavar in it. And that she would never want to go back to how it had been.