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An Impossible World: The Complete Story in Novel Format

by Natalie Hunter on 2018-04-12

Himiko is a Tokyo office worker who likes to escape from the daily grind by playing the online RPG Runes of the Emporer. As someone who has been a lucid dreamer from a young age, when she awakens to find herself in a world that looks just like the game, she immediately assumes it is all a dream and tries to make the most of it by having some fun – which leads to some rather frantic seductions! It is in the middle of an encounter with some guards that she meets Jack – a devastatingly handsome adventurer who claims he is really a gamer from Tokyo named Yuuto.

Yuuto convinces Himiko that the really are living in this strange world, and the pair quickly form an intense romantic bond as they explore this new land, where they seem to be the only ‘real’ people.

It is only when they receive an invitation to meet the emperor – addressed to them by their real names rather than the names of their avatars – that they begin to find out the shocking truth about why they are there.

As the secrets of the world are revealed, Himiko and Jack risk losing each other forever in a cruel twist of fate. How will these two people and the love they have found survive in this impossible world?

This book is the complete, standalone novel previously serialized as An Impossible World books 1-4. It is a full steamy romance story with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a ‘happily ever after’. It also has a wyvern named Fluffles.

An Impossible World is an exciting, sometimes steamy, often funny, fantasy sci-fi romance which shares its tone with Japanese isekai light novels and anime series such as Log Horizon, Re:Zero, Death March, Overlord, Kono Suba, and Sword Art Online. This is a book adult fans of these series will love, as well as fans of lit-RPG and video games!

The cover illustration of this book is by the author.