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Billionaire Beast Bear (Beast Bears Book 3)

by Natalie Kristen on 2019-04-14

Kristy knows that to earn her freedom, she has to fight in The Pit, an underground arena. What she doesn’t expect is to face off against Mad Max in her final fight. But when she comes face to face with Mad Max, she realizes that Max isn’t mad at all. In fact, he may be the sanest, and sexiest, male she has ever met.

Max has returned to The Pit in search of his past. He has climbed his way out of the darkness to become a billionaire. But maybe it’s true what they say: you can take a man out of the darkness, but you can’t take the darkness out of a man.

The last place Max expects to find his mate is in the violent, bloody underground arena called The Pit. Yet there she is.
Thrown together into the arena by fate, Max and Kristy know that their fight has only just begun.
There are dangerous and much more powerful enemies circling, waiting for the chance to strike and destroy them forever...

Bearily Ever After (Nightbrook Book 4)

by Natalie Kristen on 2019-02-20

Shane Blackwood is a mechanic in Nightbrook, and life is pretty good for him. He owns a successful auto repair shop with his two best friends, and business is thriving. But now that his two buddies are happily mated, Shane can't help but wonder if he will ever find his fated mate.
Maybe she doesn't exist.
Maybe she is right here, in Nightbrook...

Meg Lidell has been quietly living her life in Nightbrook for the past year. Having endured and survived a savage, vicious wolf pack, Meg cherishes her peace and freedom. But the loneliness can be crushing at times.
When she meets Shane, something in her scarred, wary heart flickers to life. Hope. For the first time in years, a man makes her feel safe and alive, and Meg begins to think that maybe she, too, can have a life and a future that is filled with love, laughter and family.

Meg wants to leave her past far behind and move forward.
But someone from her past is out for blood.
Her blood.

Bear in a Bakery (Nightbrook Book 3)

by Natalie Kristen on 2018-11-24

Alexa Beck is starting a new life in Nightbrook after leaving her abusive ex-fiance. She has scars and deep emotional wounds, but she knows that to heal, she has to come to terms with her past.
Her past, present and future collide when she witnesses an incident in front of the supermarket. When Alexa stands up and speaks up for an innocent, voiceless, defenseless child, she unknowingly paints a big red target on her back.

Ian Harrison is stunned to see a human woman going toe to toe with one of the most influential and vicious she-wolves in Nightbrook. He is even more amazed to find that the brave human female is his fated mate. Ian is determined to win Alexa’s trust and heart, but there are secrets that she is hiding.
Can Ian take away her pain and make her dreams come true?
Can Alexa finally have the family she longs for?
Or will their enemies gain the final victory?

Bear's Curvy Mate: BBW Shape Shifter Paranormal Romance (Nightbrook Book 2)

by Natalie Kristen on 2018-10-04

Hollie Crawford was brought into a wolf pack as a little girl. But as a half-breed, she can’t shift and she was relegated to the lowest rank in the pack.
Watching and observing the pack dynamics as an outcast, Hollie instinctively and intuitively knows that something is not quite right with her pack.
Things come to a head one night when she is dragged into the forest to be punished for a crime she didn’t commit.

Kyle Anderson doesn’t quite know what is up with his bear. His beast is acting up, becoming increasingly aggressive and angsty of late.
When Kyle saves a feisty, curvy redhead from a vicious assault, his bear knows that he has found his mate.
He swears he will do everything to keep Hollie safe and heal her wounds. But not all her wounds are visible.

Hollie never really knew what normal was.
But Kyle is showing her that a normal life is possible even after everything she’s been through.

Can this peace and happiness really last?
Can this strong, protective and incredibly sexy man truly be hers?
Or will her past come back with a vengeance to destroy her and those she has grown to love?

Her Three Werebears: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance

by Natalie Kristen on 2018-07-23

Betrayed and sold by the very people she loved and trusted, Penny Dawson resolves to make her escape and live. She runs, but not far enough.
When the wolves close in on her, Penny knows that she will be captured and tortured.
Her hopes of getting out of this alive begin to fade...until three powerful bears show up.

Trespassers mean trouble.
When werebears Ryder, Dillon and Ford detect the unwelcome scent of wolves on their land, they follow the scent and witness an incredible scene.
A wounded human female is fighting a pack of wolves on her own, and screaming insults at their leader.
The woman has a death wish, but they are not about to let her die.

Penny finds herself in the house and arms of three insanely hot, hunky lumberjacks.
As she fights her growing attraction to her three fierce, handsome protectors, Penny has to grapple and come to terms with the harsh and heartbreaking reality of her situation.
But the ugly truth is always better than a beautiful lie.

Because truth hurts...but lies kill.

Seafire Dragon (Dragons in Shadow Point Book 3)

by Natalie Kristen on 2018-05-24

Piper Wylde promised her best friend that she would always look after her little boy, Zander. She is determined to give Zander a safe, stable family life, something she has never experienced but has always yearned for.
As a graduate from the school of hard knocks, Piper has given up hope of ever meeting her prince charming. She just wants to be the best mom to her adopted son.

Seath Fireblood is proud of the success that he and his two elder brothers have achieved in Shadow Point. Their landscaping business is booming, and their lives are happy and settled.
When Seath shows up at the doorstep of the newest resident of Shadow Point, his dragon stirs for the first time in his life. His dragon knows that this beautiful human is his.

But someone wants Piper and Zander as well.
Someone who wants Seath completely and utterly destroyed…

Stormfire Dragon (Dragons in Shadow Point Book 2)

by Natalie Kristen on 2018-04-05

Emilia Terry isn’t what she appears to be. She is a shifter in hiding, and she instinctively knows that if anyone ever finds out what she is, her life will be in danger.
Only one person knows her secret.
But can she believe this person?
Is blood really thicker than water?

Storm Fireblood realizes that his beautiful next door neighbor is hiding a secret. Emilia is a mystery, a contradiction, a puzzle that Storm is determined to figure out.
Emilia is brave and strong, yet vulnerable and guarded. She is friendly and outwardly cheerful yet the pain in her eyes tell a different story.
There is something about her that awakens his heart and his dragon. He wants to protect her, but Emilia seems to have difficulty trusting anyone.

As Storm strives to win Emilia’s heart and trust, sinister forces are already working against them.
The stakes are rising, and Storm realizes that he is up against a formidable enemy, an enemy he never saw coming…

Savage Wolf: Paranormal Shifter Romance (Wolves Hollow Book 3)

by Natalie Kristen on 2017-11-22

Bianca Bloom has been left with no choice. She has run so far to get away from her past, but now everything she’s planned, every last thing she owns, has gone up in flames.
But she hasn’t come so far just to give up.
She is determined to fight back and survive.

Talon Wyld has never allowed anyone into his life. He has seen betrayal and bloodshed, and he knows too well that the ties that bind can kill as well.
But when a small human woman comes charging uninvited into his house one night, he finds his savage wolf emerging to fight her battles for her.

Stranded and alone, Bianca finds refuge in a house in the middle of the woods.
What she doesn’t realize is that the house belongs to a big, scarred, powerful beast of a man who will do everything to protect what is his.
And she is his.

Billionaire Chef Bear: BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance (Beast Bears Book 2)

by Natalie Kristen on 2017-10-10

Dean Howell literally walks into the woman of his dreams just outside his restaurant. She is wearing a long, heavy cloak and appears to be skulking around in the dark. She just needs to borrow a large soup pot from the kitchen. That's what she says. But Dean knows there is more to that mysterious, alluring female than meets the eye…

Layla Rivera is painfully aware that she is a good baker but a clumsy witch. Her little bakery, The Magic Oven, is a success, but her spell-casting attempts are much less successful.
She has had even less luck with men, but when she meets that sexy, handsome, protective Dean from Dean’s Kitchen, Layla allows herself to hope and dream a little. Other girls could meet and date nice guys, so why couldn’t she?

As Dean and Layla’s love blossoms, secrets from the past begins to surface. Guilt and remorse darken their future, but Layla is determined to stand by her man and fight for their family.
But can love conquer all this time?

Billionaire Boss Bear: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (Bad Bears Book 1)

by Natalie Kristen on 2017-08-28

Renee Goodwin is trying to rebuild her life from the fragments of her divorce. She doesn’t really have time to date, since her demanding, arrogant, hot-as-sin boss has her working long hours almost every day.
Renee is determined to keep their relationship strictly professional, despite the simmering attraction and chemistry between them.

Zack Howell knows that his beautiful, curvy PA is trying her damnedest to keep him at a distance. The more he tries to get closer to her, the more walls she builds around her heart.
Renee is smart, capable, sexy and sweet as honey.
And she is his.
Seeing her every day at the office and working together with her has become both a joy and a torment.
When a dare turns into something more, all bets are off.

But there are those who will stop at nothing to destroy Zack.
Has Zack found his mate only to lose her?
Love is a dangerous game, and the game has just turned deadly…

The Wolf's Mate: Billionaire Shifter Paranormal Romance (Hearts on Fire Book 4)

by Natalie Kristen on 2017-07-19

She thought he was just a one night stand...

Tia Scott is determined to live life to the fullest. She is a survivor, and she refuses to live in fear. She doesn't do regrets, and she doesn't expect one night with a sexy stranger to change anything...

Alpha wolf, billionaire Caine Taylor has just become a single dad to a baby girl. One of the wealthiest, most eligible bachelors in the city, Caine is thrust from his world of cut-throat corporate deals and gold-digging women into a maze of milk bottles and diapers.
When he meets a smart, beautiful woman at the bar of his hotel one night, everything changes.
He sees her strength, her secrets and how fiercely she guards her heart.
Tia doesn't seem to want more than one night with him, but Caine isn't going to let her go.

When Tia is thrown headlong into Caine's world, she realizes that it isn't just her life on the line.
It's her heart...