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Altered Assignments: Book two of the Cyber Chronicles

by Nathan Howe on 2018-05-15

The world isn't fair.

Alex and Ryan battle both the people and the evil Mara Corp. for their freedom. Alex's life is threatened, by Keres Mara.

Will Alex live? or be forced to run?

Modified: Book one of the Cyber Chronicles

by Nathan Howe on 2018-03-20

Life isn’t fair.
Alex dreams of being modified and moving to the upper levels of New Detroit. There, she will be accepted and live a great life. That is what she thinks. A freak encounter with Ryan and a mob changes her life.
Now Alex gets to see first hand that the world isn’t as perfect as she thought. The Mara Corp runs even the elite.
Alex and Ryan form an unbreakable bond as they learn just how bad it really is.
Will Alex survive the truth?