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Charlene and Me: A Love Story

by Nathaniel Justice on 2018-04-18

My wife was a sociopathic and sunk her death in for a divorce after I had earned $18 million in legal fees from a former President. I had been in love with her but she never with me. As we did the dissolution paperwork I shut down my practice and became a homeless millionaire, wandering around Los Angeles with Dog. One night I heard screams and found a gang trying to rape four women they had stripped naked... I couldn't let that happen and attacked... That is how I met Charlene, one of the women I saved who then saved me...

You Are Not Allowed To Die Until You Make The Universe Safe For Democracy

by Nathaniel Justice on 2018-04-07

He had five years or less to live after contacting a deadly virus spread by the enemy aliens. He had fought well as a militia man, kicking them off the planet. He had no family left. He was alone. What better way to let your life have meaning than to join the Galactic Federation and fight against the enemy who had sealed your death? Die like a man!

But he met Abella once on the starship Washington and didn't know how to tell the woman he loved he was dying...