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Giving Herself to the Kaiju Ape: An Exploration of Giant Monster Carnality (Macro Anthro Primate Furry Submission)

by Nessie Banks on 2018-06-07

An adventure deep into the core of the Earth leads to an exploration of monstrous sexuality!

When she was a young girl, Mikaela went missing on a camping trip out in the Badlands of Montana. Unbeknownst to everyone, she ended up lost in another world. A lush forest hidden deep below the ground. A place where people from all over the world have tossed aside their allegiances to live in harmony. People who dedicated their lives and their bodies to worship the the Ape God.

Twenty years have passed, and Mikaela seeks to return to this underground world. Along with her team of experts, they explore the Badlands as well as their bodies while searching for the world that exists locked in Mikaela's memories.

Controlling the Kaiju: An Experiment in Giant Monster Lust (Giantess Scalie Dragon Transformation Vore)

by Nessie Banks on 2018-05-06

With giant monsters appearing in the South Pacific, the Governments of the world are scrambling to create a weapon that could stand up to the deadly kaiju. Kay Svenson is one of those military scientists. She studies Kaiju DNA in hopes that the secrets of their origins could lead to a discovery that will allow humanity to fight back.

When she's caught in a reactor in the middle of an experiment, she finds herself irreversibly transformed. She grows, her skin becomes scales, and her body is always begging for on release. She becomes completely insatiable. When not satisfied, she becomes violent. Angry. Dangerous. It's up to her fellow scientists to keep her under control.

But when the large, lusty kaiju discovers that her accident may not have been an accident after all, Is there any change these unfortunate scientists could possibly control the kaiju?