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A Heaven For Toasters: A Sci-Fi Adventure Romance set on the Greek Islands

by Nicholas C. Rossis on 2018-08-13

A souvlaki and some sun. That is all Detective Mika Pensive wanted from her fun weekend away on the Greek island of Hydra. Instead, she finds herself caught up in a sinister plot, hatched by a reclusive billionaire with a penchant for illegal cloning. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she has to put up with her new partner, Leo. Leo is an android—or toaster, as people scornfully call his kind. The only thing that could make things even worse would be for Mika to fall for Leo. But people don’t fall for toasters—do they?

Set a hundred years from now, A Heaven for Toasters is more than just a sweet science fiction adventure with plenty of romance. It’s the book that will make you look at your toaster in a whole new way.