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My Alien Captor, Nyo

by Nikki Clarke on 2019-04-10

Trina's night out turned into a nightmare when she gets sucked up into an alien ship. Her captors are mean, but there is one guy who might be different from the rest. Get into this speculative short.

Sol (Lyqa Planet Lovers Book 3)

by Nikki Clarke on 2018-05-13

One flash of a smiling face in a drowning woman's mind, and Soluanitiat’ti Somiiti’un is awakened to a world of feeling he's never known. It is strange and confusing, but that doesn't stop him from going to Lyqa to find out more about this woman, LaShay, and why she makes him feel.

Shay only has eyes for her Lyqa hottie, Ah'dan, and knows it's only matter of time before he realizes it was meant to be. She never even notices the tall, silver dude who longs for a chance to know her. Yet, she finds herself caught up in a plot to overthrow his kingdom, and she's forced to take a chance on this strange new alien and trust that he'll keep her safe.

Get into the third in the Lyqa Planet Lovers Series! This isn't stand alone. Read the first two if you haven't already!

My Lyqa Valentine: Lyqa Planet Lovers Quickie

by Nikki Clarke on 2018-02-04

It’s Leht Sai, The Day of Leht, when couples from across Lyqa come together to celebrate their love.

New motherhood and an overdue pregnancy have led to a little tension in the Lyqa household, and even with the ultimate support of their Lyqa men, Amina and Tiani aren't really feeling the love.

Will this special Lyqa holiday give them much needed alone time with their lehtis, or will a wandering eye and a well-meaning telepath ruin things for everybody? Get a update on our Lyqa Lovers in this steamy, Valentine’s Day slice-of-life novella!