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The Rebel Prince - a full-length lighthearted contemporary romance

by Nina Bruhns on 2018-10-01

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nina Bruhns presents for your reading pleasure, THE REBEL PRINCE, a sexy, full-length contemporary romance novel with a very light fantasy sci-fi twist.

The first time Serenity June Woodson sees Carch Sunstryker, she thinks the hunky bookstore owner is simply out of this world. Little does she know just how right she is...

Practical, sensible, science teacher Seri is determined to prove her beloved Aunt Tildy’s new friend is not a prince from another galaxy, as he so boldly claims. Extraterrestrials? Seriously? The man is a con artist, plain and simple, out to steal Tildy’s unique and priceless necklace. But what that truly alarms Seri is when he succeeds in stealing something quite different—her heart.

The thing is, Seri is right. Adventurous Prince Carch Sunstryker’s intergalactic mission is, in fact, to retrieve the precious ceremonial jewel that King Derrik foolishly left in the care of an Earth woman years ago. Failure is not an option. If Carch doesn’t bring it back in time, the whole royal family will be executed. Now the necklace has disappeared, so Carch and Seri must work together to find it. And the closer they get, the more the earth moves for both of them... But when Carch’s enemies threaten Seri and her aunt, nothing in the universe can keep him from her side.