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Arriving Soon



by NINA PETERSON on 2018-05-29

Love in the age of sex robots, the Human Genome Project and bio-printing.

Young Daisy is devastated by forcible violation just before she meets her soulmate. 10 years later, she is a world renowned, absentmindedly brilliant and brilliantly absentminded robot scientist and has the opportunity to finally make the lost relationship a possibility, though at first, she can't see it herself that it is happening.

She lives with her beloved friend, Tao - a wise companion, she calls him - who is a robot she created for herself to survive the loneliness that was eating her away after the devastating blow of fate. Their unprecedented relationship is more and more addictive for both of them as Tao gets to know Daisy's quirks and as Daisy can see Tao growing, molding more and more into this life of humans.

Dwight, her cocksure, zillionair, kinky boss tries to make death-defying, desperate advances toward her and that pushes Daisy into finally realizing that she needs to dare dating again and finally direct her life into a happy marriage before it gets derailed by default. Little does she know, that someone has had his eyes on her from the beginning.