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Nemesis: The New Earth Colonies

by Nina Silver on 2018-04-28

In the aftermath of a devastating alien attack, humans are trying to survive in New Earth - now a scorching shell of what it used to be. Colonies have been created on the other planets of the solar system, and the destroyed Earth is left to those who choose to stay behind or those who cannot afford to move to the Colonies.
Dr. Xanthippe Calvin is an unapologetically fun loving, thrill seeking woman who may at times be too stubborn and argumentative for her own good. As a newly degreed medical doctor from the Saturn Science University, she is unhappily forced to transfer for her new post assignment to the uppity colony of Neptune. Of course, it doesn’t help that her transplant instructor happens to be a sexy, hot man too uptight for his own good.

Captain Jaxson Jet is a reticent, cautious, and often aloof man who dislikes anything that will throw off his carefully planned everyday routine. When the Governor of Neptune, who also happens to be his father, puts him in charge of training the new transplant citizens from Saturn, his life becomes anything but his daily routine. Of course, a certain feisty, obstinate, and pretty brunette doctor does not make it any easier for him.

When an old nemesis returns, Xan and Jax are thrown in together not by just trying to fight for their lives but also by the begrudging attraction they feel towards each other. When everything they thought they knew comes into question, and with the fate of Neptune, the Colonies, and New Earth possibly depending on them, will they both find the courage to fight for more than their lives or will they get lost in the shuffle?

Caution: Do Not Read if you do not like action-filled adventures, heroines who are a tad too stubborn for their own good, heroes with heaps of intensity who may need a little loosening up, and steamy sexy times that will have you saying "Oh my lucky stars!"